Library128-1.3a.prg 1993-09-11 5322
Library (.lbr) creator/dissolver for 128, version 1.3a
Ult.Lynx-XII-128.prg 2001-08-27 34298
Lynx (.lnx) creator/dissolver for 128, version XII. Use load"...",8 to start (no ,8,1); This corrected version was uploaded by zyga64@kki.net.pl.
crc32.prg 1992-05-24 420
Calculates 32-bit CCITT checksums. C64/C128 executable. Look also in the /pub/cbm/archiving subdirectory.
d64-copy-v1.sfx 1997-02-17 8601
Reads D64-files from MS-DOS on a CMD FD-2000 or FD-4000 and writes them to 1541 disks on a 1541 or 1571.
nzp128-1.readme 1994-05-12 2434
nzp12811.sfx 1994-05-12 26638
PK-ZIP dissolver for the C128. Extracts PK-ZIP 1.10 style archives.
pcrc.prg 1992-04-21 741
Calculates checksums for files. Older version of CRC32 to be phased out.
sda128.sda 1993-03-31 25600
sda128.txt 1993-03-31 923
Makes your .arc files selfextracting.

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