Ipaint pictures and a viewer for them. 64 kB VDC RAM required.
Fractal programs.
Graphics viewers.


Draw Pro 128.prg 2002-07-22 4509
40 column art program written in BASIC by L. K. Snyder. Use joystick in port 2, and press F5 to view the help menu.
FaceBender.readme 1992-04-23 1821
FaceBender.sfx 1993-09-09 18316
A funny program that bends faces.
Globe.prg 1992-07-13 7366
Globe.readme 1992-07-13 1120
Draws a spinning globe on the VIC-II screen.
Watchmaker.prg 1992-04-23 25856
Watchmaker.readme 1992-04-23 535
Simple evolution illustrator.
v128.ship80.sfx 1992-04-20 34816
Sample animation for the video128 animator.
vdc-pics.lzh 1995-03-03 168854
Pictures for the VDC.
video128.a.sfx 1992-04-20 28672
video128.b.sfx 1992-04-20 46080
video128.c.sfx 1992-04-20 20480
video128.readme 1992-04-20 433
Video128, a shareware demo of an animator for the C128.

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