Programming stuff for CP/M.
Documentation that could be useful when writing programs.
Programming stuff for GEOS.


d-ass.d64.gz 1998-03-16 18311
1541 disk image of Double-Ass, a 6502 and Z80 assembler that uses the Commodore BASIC editor. Written by Rene van Belzen and published in the 128er Sonderheft 22 by Markt & Technik Verlag, Germany.
d-ass.txt 1998-03-16 21997
Instructions for Double-Ass. This document is included on the disk image in PETSCII format.
mightymon.uua@ 1993-12-25 30471
Machine language monitor.
weehack128.lnx 1999-08-02 4486
An extension for the built-in machine language monitor. The commands include b (set a breakpoint) and dp (disassemble from the program counter). Author: Adam Vardy <avardy@morgan.ucs.mun.ca>.
work.prg 1990-02-11 908
work.readme 1999-05-02 915
A utility for loading a file to the built-in machine language monitor. Redefines the function keys. Uploaded by Adam Vardy <avardy@morgan.ucs.mun.ca>.

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