Whole disk archivers.


UltimateLynx3.prg 1999-11-17 19714
Archiver for .lnx files, no compression. No speed-up routines; works also with other disk drives than the 1541.
Wraptor-3.0.prg 1999-01-03 7547
Wraptor-3.0.readme 1999-01-03 13497
Archiver for PRG, SEQ, USR and GEOS files by Bill Lucier. Copyright © 1997 by J & F Publishing. Published by Loadstar.
arc250.sda 1993-06-30 47104
ARC 2.50 for .arc files
arkive-v1.0.prg 1995-05-12 11550
Arkive v1.0 for .ark files
arkive-v2.0.prg 1993-05-30 26624
Arkive v2.0
crc32.prg 1992-05-24 420
Calculates 32-bit CCITT checksums. C64/C128 executable. Look also in the /pub/cbm/archiving subdirectory.
csx01.readme 1993-11-02 1047
csx01.sfx 1993-11-03 11960
Generic .ARChive dissolver.
dsk2file.prg@ 1999-03-02 1597
A BASIC/ML program to convert any CBM disk to a dump file (like VC1541 disk to .d64) for a PET or C64.
The dump file should be written to a device larger than the dumped disk (although the program can be tailored to split an image).
See also file2dsk.prg. Programmed and uploaded by André Fachat.
emutil.prg@ 1999-08-13 5831
emutil.readme@ 1999-08-13 634
EMUTIL is a disk image archiver for the Commodore 64 and 16K+ CBM/PET computers. It supports all known Commodore disk drives, of all capacities. It also supports all CMD HD and RL Native partitions. Programmed by Bo Zimmerman and André Fachat.
file2dsk.prg@ 1999-03-02 1549
A BASIC/ML program to restore any CBM disk from a fitting disk image (like .d64 restore to a VC1541).
See also dsk2file.prg. Programmed and uploaded by André Fachat.
lhx64-0.9.readme 1993-10-23 5337
lhx64-0.9.sfx 1993-10-23 7165
Very primitive old-style LZH/SFX dissolver.
library.v7.prg 1996-06-30 13824
Library (.LBR) creater/dissolver. Programmed in 1986. This format is obsolete. You'd better use Lynx or ZipCode for new archives.
lynx17.prg 1990-02-11 19155
Lynx 17 for .lnx files, no compression
lzhtosfx.sfx 1994-11-01 12242
lzhtosfx.txt 1994-11-01 3033
A utility that converts an old-style .lzh file (created with LHA or LHARC) to a self-extracting .sfx file.
pcrc.prg 1992-04-21 741
Calculates checksums for files. Older version of CRC32 to be phased out.
unzip.sfx 1993-06-12 11904
Dissolves files zipped with MS-DOS PKZIP 1.10
unzip64v2.txt 1998-04-06 8806
User's manual for Errol Smith's unzip 2.0 program.
unzp6420.prg 1998-04-06 9708
Unzip 2.0 dissolves files created by PK-ZIP 2.0 using the Deflate method. See the author's home page http://www.ros.com.au/%7Eerrol/64.html for further information.
uucoder2.prg 1997-04-18 2680
FAST UUencoder/decoder for the C64
uuxfer.prg 1993-07-25 2681
uuxfer.readme 1993-07-25 2704
UUencode and UUdecode for Commodore 64.

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