Midislave-1.1.lnx 1996-03-02 62234
Midislave-1.1.lnx.readme 1996-03-02 19468
Turns your C64 to a MIDI device.
RealSIDPlay.doc 1997-03-14 1395
RealSIDPlay.prg 1997-03-14 1408
RealSIDPlay_v2.20.prg 1997-03-14 1408
PlaySID/Sidplay player for the C64. Works with about 90% of the tunes.
digiplayer31.sfx 1993-07-27 23666
[no description]
musicsys-64.lzh 1994-08-05 87988
Compute's Sidplayer disk with the player, some utilities and some musics.
sidpic.sda 1994-08-05 24576
Kermit R. Woodall's version of Sidplayer that is capable of displaying pictures while playing the music.
stereopl10-3.sfx 1993-05-29 46080
Stereo Sidplayer v10.3.

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