Content of this directory was updated 18-jan-95 (All releases should be final now) -Mysdee


ASM94-Invitation.prg 1994-08-07 22910
Official invitation intro to Assembly'94 by Deadbeat/The Sharks (executable)
ASM94-Results.txt 1994-08-08 4471
Official and final result text file by c64 organisers
Attack of the Stupidos 3.Beyond Force.d64.gz 1997-02-18 114848
Attack of the Stupidos 3 by Beyond Force, 1st place at Asm'94
Best of Trinomic.d64.gz 1997-02-18 116256
Best of Trinomic by Trinomic, 3rd place at Asm'94
Graphics and Music.d64.gz 1997-02-18 131206
Graphics and music competition entries at Asm'94
Lunacy 6.Antic.d64.gz 1997-02-18 86212
Lunacy 6 / The Lost Sequel, Antic
World of Code 2.Byterapers.d64.gz@ 1997-02-18 139448
World of Code 2 by Byterapers Inc., 2nd place at Asm'94

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