00RESULTS 1995-08-20 4355
C64 results from Assembly 1995
7 Years.Beyond Force.d64.gz 1997-02-18 47002
Got the 3rd place in the demo compo
ASM95Invitation.The Sharks.prg 1997-02-18 39388
ASM95Note.The Sharks.prg 1997-02-18 14017
ASM95Pre-Invitation.The Sharks.prg 1995-06-12 27457
Invitations to the party
Bizarre.Symptom.prg 1995-08-20 17315
Got the 5th place in the demo compo
Break Through 2.Panic.d64.gz 1997-02-18 133571
Got the 2nd place in the demo compo
Extremes.Byterapers.d64.gz 1997-02-18 99644
Got the 1st place in the demo compo
Graphics and Musics.d64.gz 1997-02-18 82181
Graphics and music entries
It's Coming.Crest.prg 1995-08-20 25364
Got the 4th place in the demo compo
Tribute To A.H..Chaos.prg 1995-08-20 14083
Got the 6th place in the demo compo

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