2ny-Heavy-Beat.prg 1994-07-26 5388
A digi-tune called Heavy-Beat by 2ny/Collision+Electric Boyz (PAL) Compo tune for the ASM'93 compo in Finland. Uploaded: Chief/Padua (tonyc@compnews.co.uk)
Cuba Libre.d64.gz 1997-02-19 62223
Expanded.d64.gz 1997-03-09 38500
Happy.d64.gz 1997-03-09 43193
Liberty.d64.gz 1997-03-09 90395
Megaends+Samples.prg 1994-07-26 4914
A digi-tune called MegaEnd+Samples by Bart/Collision+Electric Boyz (PAL) Just a entry for the ASM '93 Compo. Uploaded: Chief/Padua (tonyc@compnews.co.uk)
Paladin-pic.prg 1994-07-26 6990
Paladin/Cli'92 - Collision '92 (PAL) Compo Piccy for the ASM'93 compo in Finland. This picture came second. Uploaded: Chief/Padua (tonyc@compnews.co.uk)
Party-demo.lnx 1999-06-16 70645
Party Demo/Cli+Boyz - Collision and Electric Boyz (PAL) 1.8.1993 Party Demo, this came 3rd at the ASM'93 show in Finland.

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