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Flash Incorporated was formed in Sweden in 1989. Visit their homepage at http://home5.swipnet.se/%7Ew-55678/flashinc/ for more information.


Attraction 3.lnx 1997-01-26 97280
Released on spring 1990 (not at a party).
Attraction.lnx 1997-01-26 86016
Released on autumn 1989 at the Light/Triad party. #3 in compo.
Avenza Demo 1991.FHI+Force.prg 1997-01-19 21504
Released in Summer of 1991 by Flash Inc and The Force
Channel 64.d64.gz 1997-02-19 153438
Released in November 1990 on Censor's party in Gothenburg. #1 in compo!
FHI Classics side A.lnx 1997-02-10 165360
FHI Classics side B.lnx 1997-02-10 153930
Two side greatest-hits collection, put together by The Spy, released late in 1992. Collects many of Flash Inc's best demo parts from 1989 to 1991.
Fatal Attraction.lnx 1995-12-15 108402
Multi-part demo released early in 1990, not at a party.
No IQ.prg 1997-01-19 25600
Released in Summer of 1990 (Wisch wanted to finish this part in time for "Summer Code 4", but he didn't)
Novation.lnx 1997-02-10 53778
Novation, released in Spring of 1990
A solo demo by Nova of Flash Inc. Not released at a party.
Party Attraction-1.d64.gz 1997-02-19 133834
Party Attraction-2.d64.gz 1997-02-19 57389
Released in Easter of 1990 at the Horizon party in Stockholm. #3 in compo.
Prometheus Unbound-1.d64.gz 1997-02-19 162066
Prometheus Unbound-2.d64.gz 1997-02-19 75001
Released in October 1992, not at a party. There are lots of Swedish flags everywhere to celebrate the Swedish ice-hockey team's recent victory..
Quartz.d64.gz 1997-02-19 117335
Released in Autumn 1989, not at a party.
Return of the Megadildo.lnx 1997-02-10 73887
Return Of The Megadildo, released in Summer of 1990
A solo demo by Kwon of Flash Inc (later a Bonzai member). Got to 2nd place in the demo compo at the Daniax party.
Shade Music Collection 2.prg 1996-12-16 17792
Shade Music Collection 2, released in Autumn 1992 (not at a party). Uploaded by one of the authors, Ulf.Harnhammar@abc.se.
Still Crusin.note.prg 1995-09-02 443
Still Crusin.prg 1995-09-02 49075
A new demo from Flash Inc., released in 1995.
Summer Code 1.lnx 1997-02-10 58511
Summer Code 2.lnx 1997-02-10 63427
Summer Code 3.lnx 1997-02-10 102347
Summer Code 1 - 3, released in Summer of 1989
These are Flash Inc's first three demos ever.
Summer Code 4.d64.gz 1997-02-19 120216
Released at Panoramic summer party 1990. #2 in compo!
Sumpan Kixx.Flash+Fairlight.prg 1997-02-27 50177
This small demo was made in autumn 1991 when Tron of Fairlight visited Creeper of Flash Inc.
The Legacy-1.d64.gz 1997-02-19 139967
The Legacy-2.d64.gz 1997-02-19 31424
Released on Easter 1991 at the Horizon party. #2 in compo!
The Legacy2-1.d64.gz 1997-02-19 158414
The Legacy2-2.d64.gz 1997-02-19 25538
Released in autumn 1991, not at a party.
Tour De Europe.prg 1997-01-19 28672
Released in Summer of 1991. A demo with lots of stories about Morpheus' and The Spy's travels all over Europe during the summer.
Uxorious 2.lnx 1997-02-10 33293
Uxorious 2, released in Spring of 1991
A solo demo by Unifier of Flash Inc.
Uxorious.lnx 1997-02-10 43777
Uxorious, released in Summer of 1990
A solo demo by Unifier of Flash Inc. Not released at a party. Features the first ever sideborder zoomer.
We love Olav.prg 1996-05-18 13032
1991 Flash Inc. Released at the Aarhus party, Denmark. Quite bad idea, and no new effects.
Weird Bytes.sfx 1996-05-18 45214
Released late in 1990, not at a party. A two-file demo with many multiplexed sprites.

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