In the period summer 1989 to summer 1992 the BUDS (Brain Using Demo section) produced 8 demos for NATO. Starting with Wraxirmer 5, later came Twister, Catcher, Wriggler, Tripler, Matcher, Dodger and finally the BUDS demo.
BUDS started with Overall and Maduplec as members, but after the first demo "Wraxirmer 5", Overall stopped his activities. Maduplec then coded the rest of the demos with graphics from friends and exclusive sound-tracks supplied by the Vibrants. However, in the last couple of demos, all graphics and music was made by Maduplec.
NATO and BUDS stopped producing demos when Maduplec and the other remaining danish members joined Crest in 1992 when NATO was dissolved.
Nato can be reached via Maduplec/Crest a.k.a. Martin Arentoft (mail@martinarentoft.com), http://www.martinarentoft.com.


Catcher.lnx 1994-11-19 68410
Catcher / Nato
Dodger.lnx 1995-03-11 67555
Dodger / TheBrainUsingDemoSection / Nato
Matcher.lnx 1995-03-11 53443
Matcher / TheBrainUsingDemoSection / Nato
Tripler.lnx 1995-03-11 33920
Tripler / TheBrainUsingDemoSection / Nato
Twister.lnx 1995-03-11 41763
Twister / TheBrainUsingDemoSection / Nato
Wriggler.lnx 1994-12-02 54010
Wriggler / Nato

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