Resource is a rather new group based in Hungary. Its homepage is at http://www.inf.elte.hu/www/targy/internet/95a/resource/resource.html. Uploads by Edhellon/Resource (edhellon@ludens.elte.hu).


Animate.prg 1997-07-22 19535
A dentro, released in October 1996, at Pie Slice'96 (1st place)
Daze.d64.gz 1997-07-23 133341
A trackmo, released in December 1996, at The Party 1996 (3rd place)
Inhumanity 2.prg 1997-07-22 17985
A dentro, released in January 1996.
Inhumanity 3.prg 1997-07-22 25296
A dentro, released in August 1996, at AntIO'96 (1st place)
Manga Overdose.d64.gz 1997-01-26 118185
A slideshow, released in January 1996.
Out of Daze.d64.gz 1997-07-23 71153
A trackmo, released in April 1997, at Scenest3 (1st place)
Reflection.d64.gz 1997-07-23 77174
A slideshow, released in August 1995.
Winteractive.d64.gz 1997-07-23 93886
A trackmo, released in October 1995, at LiQid'95 (2nd place)

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