Taboo was founded in March 1992. Now, we have about 10 members, all of us living in Poland. For more info about our present activity, go to the Taboo Home Page http://www.polsl.gliwice.pl/%7Emarekm/taboo/. Yours, MMS/Taboo <marekm@zeus.polsl.gliwice.pl>.
These files were uploaded by Krzysztof Matula <km@aldec.katowice.pl>.


Altered States 50%-1.d64.gz 1997-07-10 102956
Altered States 50%-2.d64.gz 1997-07-10 154478
A demo by Taboo! "Finished" on Dec'94, released on Jul'97
Intrigue.d64.gz 1997-09-24 144381
A Closer Look At Fazee's Art. A graphic-collection by Fazee/Taboo. Released on Easter'94
More Than Nops.d64.gz 1997-09-24 139301
A demo by Taboo! Released on Mar'92. This is our very first production!
Place in the Space.d64.gz 1997-09-24 141712
A demo by Taboo! Released on Dec'92. 1st place at Skylight/CB party.
Ritual II-1.d64.gz 1997-09-24 68406
Ritual II-2.d64.gz 1997-09-24 163628
A graphic-collection by Cruise/Taboo. Released on Apr'95
Wayne's Graphic Collection.d64.gz 1997-09-24 45756
Released on May 1993

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