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The Judges was a located in the Netherlands. They programmed some of the first demos that fiddled seriously with $d011.


Hubbard Track 1.prg 1994-10-28 21380
Hubbard Track 2.prg 1994-10-28 26932
Hubbard Track 3.prg 1994-10-28 23290
Think Twice 1.prg 1994-10-28 11226
Think Twice 2.prg 1994-10-28 8676
Think Twice 3.prg 1994-10-28 18726
Think Twice 4.prg 1994-10-28 7598
Think Twice 5.patched.prg 1994-12-08 26944
Think Twice 5.prg 1994-10-28 21867
Think Twice, a series of demos. These demos introduced the FLD technique.
Think Twice 5 has been partially unpacked and patched so that it doesn't mess up with the $d030 register on the C128. Patched by Marko Mäkelä (Marko.Makela@HUT.FI).

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