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The Radbrekkjers (IOC) demos
Notice that we have parodied several famous groups in our demos. (Fairlight, Oxyron, Panoramic Designs, Budbrain (Amiga) etc...)
Our famous slogans: -Schnabelkase immer, in deinem schlafenzimmer. -Tanz mit mir Derrick, never mind Klein.
signed... Hi-potent :)


Coming Soon.prg 1997-03-09 5412
Released 1995
Familiegud$tjeneste-1.d64.gz 1997-03-09 164169
Familiegud$tjeneste-2.d64.gz 1997-03-09 165009
Parts of this demo were released at Tribute I, Sweden in 1994, but the full demo was released in 1995.
The Greatest Hits-1.d64.gz 1997-03-09 161881
The Greatest Hits-2.d64.gz 1997-03-09 72837
Released at Bergen party, Norway in 1994

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