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War Deal Lamers was formed in May, 1989, (-: and it was the lamest group on the scene :-), but it becomes better afterwards, hopes Suicide/WDL <bjorns@ifi.uio.no>.
The group currently has two active coders but almost no graphics artists. It hasn't published anything for a year, but there is a new demo under construction, and it will be released on a demo party.


2Fat2Fuck!.lzh 1993-10-21 104337
2Fat2Fuck!/War Deal Lamers
Fitterull.prg 1993-10-19 45572
Fitterull /War Deal Lamers
Fitterull2.lzh 1993-10-19 119502
Fitterull2/War Deal Lamers
Fitterull3.lzh 1993-10-19 84987
Fitterull3/War Deal Lamers
Worldwar1.prg 1993-10-19 44803
Worldwar /War Deal Lamers
Worldwar2.prg 1993-10-19 40394
Worldwar2 /War Deal Lamers

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