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crane driver.lnx.gz 2001-09-01 14215
Excerpt from the documentation: "3 scenes, 6 games in this machine code program, designed to develop letter recognition, abc sequence, and (at the insistence of my son) a simple counting game. Use a joystick to lift and place the large letter bricks in their correct place on the screen, like driving a real crane! Because the program never takes control, the child learns co-ordination, cause and effect, and to experiment, as he or she manipulates the bricks!"
mary.lnx.gz 2001-09-01 7077
An ABC game for kids, controlled with joystick in port 2.
space lander.lnx.gz 2001-09-01 6912
An excerpt from the documentation: "A joystick controls the spaceship as the control tower gives you the target pad as a simple sum. As in arcade-type games you have 5 lives, and lots of noise (which you can turn off by pressing any 'f' key)!"
wordsearch-inst.seq 2001-08-31 680
Instructions for Wordsearch: "This program requests the user to input words, of upto 12 letters long. These words are then hidden, in any one of eight directions, within a grid of letters. An option is given to either print the screen or attempt to find the words. A joystick in port 2 is needed to find the words: the fire button toggles between set colour and white. Pressing F7 allows you to quit. Quit option reprints the word search with the hidden words in black lowercase. It is possible to change the number of words by altering the value of limit in line 90. However you must load the program without running it to do this! have fun Paul Hancock - PAH4"
wordsearch.prg 2001-08-31 5609

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