Most of these text adventures were distributed by The Bingo Team and uploaded by ksa@cyberstones.com. Most are written by Dorothy Millard.


Blackpool Tower.prg 1999-03-03 12371
You have been locked inside the house by your aunt who's up the street shopping. Being 7 years young and adventurous, you wish to get out and see the famous Blackpool Tower.
Convention Blues.d64.gz 2001-01-13 33070
Find ten treasures hidden in an old house.
Escape to Freedom.prg 1999-03-03 26994
Escape from an enemy country.
Harboro.prg 2001-01-13 29287
Solve a murder.
Land of the Giants.prg 1999-03-03 10213
The children, Peter and Mary, have been captured by the mean giant. You have been chosen to rescue them.
Lost in the Amazon.prg 1999-03-03 26494
You are the lone survivor of an expedition to South America to find the famed Golden Condor. Your plane has crashed in the jungle and you are completely lost.
Misty Island.lnx 1999-03-03 50148
You have been thrown to a remote misty island with no food. Escape from the island and return back to civilization.
My House.prg 1999-03-03 10036
The aim of this adventure is to fix my printer, which is is ned of a quick repair job.
RJ's Ultimatum.prg 2001-01-13 35764
Seek a job after five years of doing nothing.
Revenge of the Toothless Vampire.prg 1999-03-03 11399
You must help poor old Cedric, the Toothless Vampire, collect his false teeth and get out of Wierdsville.
St Jives.prg 2001-01-13 19861
Chase a mad scientist in a fishing village.
The Big Aussie Adventure.d64.gz 2001-01-13 57849
Raise money for a local children's hospital by traveling across Australia.
The Million Dollar Great Jewel Heist.prg 1999-03-03 35126
You awake with a headache, oh boy what a headache, in the living room of a large mansion. You ask yourself "What am I doing here?", and the place appears to be deserted.
Westbury Mystery.d64.gz 2001-01-13 43380
Escape from kidnappers and find stolen treasures.
Yellow Peril.d64.gz 2001-01-13 37230
Escape from a magic world where everything is yellow.

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