Centric.prg 1996-05-28 28421
Preview of a shareware game where you must blockade the enemies by building a wall. Includes two levels.
Creatures.prg 1992-10-19 36823
PAL/NTSC; preview of platform game.
Dynamoid.prg 1992-10-19 28574
PAL/NTSC; preview of pong-like game.
Flummi's World.prg 1995-02-01 24964
PAL: preview of a platform game.
Henry.prg 1993-05-29 28356
PAL ONLY; jump & run game preview.
LazerDuel.prg 1994-06-19 19328
PAL/NTSC; preview of a tank game.
Lemmings.prg 1993-01-18 25000
PAL/NTSC; preview of Lemmings.
Minesweeper.prg 1998-10-10 6517
Mushroom Torture.prg 1996-05-09 20433
PAL: preview of a vertically scrolling shoot-em-up
Turrican-2.prg 1992-10-19 42271
PAL, works 90% in NTSC; jump & run game preview.

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