ActionReplay6.txt 1996-12-08 6036
Instructions for the Action Replay Mk VI. Includes some undocumented features.
TurboAssembler.txt 1996-12-08 5239
Turbo Assembler documentation.
c64-kernal.txt 1996-11-04 6674
C64 KERNAL jump table, composed by Frank Kontros (jeno@kontr.uzhgorod.ua). Wide format (119 columns).
keymatrix.txt 1999-10-05 997
Commodore 64 keyboard matrix and how to read the keyboard. Uploaded by Fungus/F4CG (fungus@eskimo.com).
using-sprites.txt 1993-12-30 27764
This text file tells you how to program the movable object blocks, MOBs or sprites, in BASIC or in machine language.

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