1541emu2002-07-21.zip 2002-07-21 659330
Commodore 1541 emulator for fast PCs running MS-DOS. Written by Ville Muikkula. See http://members.surfeu.fi/1541/.
c642c64s.txt 1993-11-05 1216
A note from the author of c642c64s.zip.
c642c64s.zip 1999-08-01 21099
Connect a 1541 to an IBM PC compatible's parallel port. Besides files, this program copies also entire disks.
sc081.zip 1997-12-01 512139
sc082.zip 2002-04-01 830422
Star Commander, a giftware utility that allows you to copy files or whole disks between a PC clone running MS-DOS and a Commodore 1541 disk drive. Uses the same cable as X1541. Uploaded by the author, sta@ludens.elte.hu.
tr64_125.zip 1996-08-12 306977
Trans64, a program for copying files or whole disks between a PC and a 1541 disk drive. Uses its own cable or the X1541 cable.
tr_src22.zip 1995-07-04 29423
Source code for the Trans64 transfer routines.
vc1541-b.zip 1998-10-26 184707
A Commodore 1541 emulator for MS-DOS and the X1541 cable. Version 0.04pl6 beta (1998-10-26), by Torsten Paul.
vc1541-s.zip 1998-10-26 128262
Source code of vc1541-b.zip.
x1541.zip 1999-08-01 29114
Connect a 1541 to an IBM PC compatible's parallel port. Buggy program, does not work on too fast or too slow PCs. But it was the first program of this kind, so it has some historical meaning. :-)

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