64TapVoc004.zip 2003-01-30 189376
Tomaz Kac's Windows utility for converting .TAP tape image files to .VOC PCM audio format. Source code is not included.
64utils.zip 1998-07-26 89186
TAP <-> VOC Converters & Play TAP v0.03b by Tomaz Kac. Converts CCS64 .TAP tape image files to and from .VOC format.
TapWav.zip 2003-01-30 18002
Luigi Di Fraia's Windows program for converting .TAP tape images to .WAV PCM audio format. Source code is not included.
TurboTapeLoaderV1_3.readme 1999-07-15 819
TurboTapeLoaderV1_3.zip 1999-07-14 48552
This MS-DOS program, whose Turbo Pascal source code is included, extracts files from audio files digitized from Commodore 64 tapes in Turbo Tape format.
c2n-1.0.1.tar.gz 2001-11-03 18854
c2n- 2002-03-19 20154
c2n-1.0.2.tar.gz 2002-01-17 19962
c2n-1.0.3.tar.gz 2002-04-29 22927
c2n-1.0.4.tar.gz 2002-05-12 23297
c2n-1.0.tar.gz 2001-10-03 18098
c2n-1.1.1.tar.gz 2002-08-23 26380
c2n-1.1.2.tar.gz 2002-11-03 26366
c2n-1.1.3.tar.gz 2002-11-04 26402
c2n-1.1.4.tar.gz 2002-12-29 26483
c2n-1.1.tar.gz 2002-06-06 26099
Converts Commodore C2N pulse streams to binary format that consists of 192-byte tape headers and variable-length program blocks. Tested on the PET, VIC-20, C64, C128, plus/4, and on the Tangerine Oric-1. The program can be interfaced to a cassette drive emulator device C2N232 via RS-232, and it can output the pulses as sinusoidal waves in raw PCM format.
Version 1.0.3 adds preliminary support for tape images (.tap files). Version 1.1 adds support for the Tangerine Oric-1 tape format. Version 1.1.1 adds readable error messages for Windows. Version 1.1.3 switches the C2N232 to idle mode when finished. Version 1.1.4 detects data blocks (OPEN,PRINT#,...) properly. See also http://www.funet.fi/pub/cbm/crossplatform/transfer/C2N232/.
c2n-amiga-1.1.4.lha 2002-12-29 26920
M68k AmigaOS version of C2N 1.1.4.
c2n-win32-1_1_4.zip 2002-12-29 26067
32-bit MS Windows console version of C2N 1.1.4.
cbmtt101.readme 1999-11-03 759
cbmtt101.zip 1999-11-03 36216
This MS-DOS program converts Commodore tapes to PC and back. Source code not included. Uploaded by the author, Richard Storer <rstorer@cyberspace.org>.
decode.pl 2002-12-31 2139
Recover data blocks in standard Commodore format from corrupted TAP files.
faucet-1.0.tar.gz 2002-11-03 16641
Play or record TAP files via the C2N232 device, firmware version 4.
faucet-win32-1_0.zip 2002-11-03 14689
32-bit MS Windows console version of FAUCET 1.0.
kimtap05.txt 2004-05-24 513
kimtap05.zip 2004-05-17 35157
A decoder for KIM-1, SYM-1 and HYPERTAPE tape formats, for MS-DOS. The source must be in an 8-bit mono PCM format, sampled at 22050 Hz. Forth source code is included. Downloaded from http://www.alphalink.com.au/~edsa/.
tape64_msdos.zip 2001-10-06 45683
Converts 16-bit audio samples to the TAP format used by CCS64 and VICE. MS-DOS version. Uploaded by the author, <andreas.matthies@gmx.net>.
tape64_readme.txt 2001-10-06 25628
Release notes for Tape64. Note that this is slightly different from the readme.txt files in the zip archives.
tape64_source.zip 2001-10-06 23876
Converts 16-bit audio samples to the TAP format used by CCS64 and VICE. Source code. Uploaded by the author, <andreas.matthies@gmx.net>.
tape64_win32.zip 2001-10-06 36166
Converts 16-bit audio samples to the TAP format used by CCS64 and VICE. Windows version. Uploaded by the author, <andreas.matthies@gmx.net>.
tapir-0.05b.tar.gz 2003-07-05 29901
Source code of TAPir 0.05beta, a real-time converter of audio samples to low-level tape images, for Win32 and GNU/Linux. Downloaded from the CVS repository of http://tapir.sourceforge.net/.
tapir-0.05b.zip 2002-05-12 8516
Win32 executable of TAPir 0.05beta. Downloaded from http://tapir.sourceforge.net/.
ttape010.readme 1998-11-27 847
ttape010.zip 1998-11-25 22316
Turbo Tape for C64, plus/4 or C16 (presumably for PAL models) and for PC compatibles running MS-DOS, with the datassette connected to the parallel port.
wav-prg-1.1.readme 1999-07-28 512
wav-prg-1.1.tar.gz 1999-07-20 24243
WAV-PRG 1.1 for Linux (including source code). Uploaded by the author, Fabrizio Gennari <fabrigennari@iol.it>.
wav-prg-1.2.tar.gz 2001-08-27 24990
wav-prg.1.2.linux.readme 2001-08-27 506
WAV-PRG 1.2 for Linux (including source code). Uploaded by the author, Fabrizio Gennari <fabrizio.ge@tiscalinet.it>.
wavprg11.readme 1999-01-22 405
wavprg11.zip 1999-01-21 142572
WAV-PRG is a program which can transfer sampled C64 tape files (in Turbo Tape 64 format) to Windows 95 or NT and back. Uploaded by the author, Fabrizio Gennari <fabrigennari@iol.it>.
wavprg21.readme 2001-08-27 437
wavprg21.zip 2001-08-27 268626
WAV-PRG 1.2 for Windows. Uploaded by the author, Fabrizio Gennari <fabrizio.ge@tiscalinet.it>.
wireless.readme 1999-03-04 781
wireless.zip 1999-03-01 434247
Wireless Copy transfers 1541 disks between a C64/C128 and a PC running Windows 95 or 98. The medium is not a cable, but a datassette tape. No cables between the C64 and the PC are required, just a sound card on the PC. Wireless Copy comes with full source code in Turbo Pascal 7.0.

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