This directory contains test/demo diskettes supplied with the Commodore 64 or products tightly related with it.
These software items were originally distributed with all new Commodore peripherals, and can be downloaded for own use if original disks are corrupt or missing. Copying and selling this software is forbidden by copyright law.


Test/demo diskettes for the Commodore 64 CP/M cartridge
Accompanying software for Commodore modems
Accompanying software for the Commodore SFX Sound Expander


c64-demodiskette.d64.gz 1998-01-03 69474
c64-demodiskette.readme 1998-01-03 1877
C= 64 demonstration programs made by Commodore Frankfurt, Germany.
starter-kit.d64.gz 2002-03-12 73601
This "C64 starter kit" is a collection of some educational software distributed by Commodore Canada, and some Commodore 64 and 1541 specific utilities. The disk label says "C= commodore C-64 DISK BONUS PACK ©Commodore Business Machines, Inc." No product number is obvious.
sx64-demo.d64.gz 1997-10-27 53653
C= commodore SX-64 TEST/DEMO disk. This one seems to be based on the 1540/1541 test/demo disk 1540042-02. There are some demos on this disk, including a Christmas demo.

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