Test/demo diskettes for PET hardware
These software items were originally distributed with all new Commodore peripherals, and can be downloaded for own use if original disks are corrupt or missing. Copying and selling this software is forbidden by copyright law.


A software collection published in the early 1980s by Datatronic AB, Sweden.


8296d-systemdisk.d82.gz 2003-09-07 87716
A 8250 disk image of the Commodore 8296 system disk. The file l-m.8296sys has been added later by Ken Ross, and there is something wrong with the BAM of this disk. The contained files are identical with 8296d-systemdisk.lha.
8296d-systemdisk.lha 1995-02-06 91021
The individual files of the Commodore 8296 system disk. Archived by Olaf Seibert.
system-2001.zoo 1995-10-04 265632
This is a copy of a diskette labeled "system-2001". It contains PET software, mostly for "new roms", mostly games.

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