1541-align.zip 1995-09-21 3715
Two simple BASIC programs that assist in aligning a 1541 drive.
1541-stepmotor.txt 1998-02-26 2436
How to test the 1541 step motor on a C64 with a BASIC program.
1541-tester.prg 1993-01-16 5586
Checks that a 1541 works properly. Useful for repairing. Works also for 1571 in 1541 mode.
1541-tricks.txt 1993-10-15 11860
Describes the utility loader (&) command etc.
1541align.prg 1993-10-23 7827
Alignment program for the 1541 (works also for 1571 in 1541 mode)
1571-fix.lnx 1999-06-16 20757
Tells you how to fix a broken 1571 disk drive head. The document is in geoWrite format. This Lynx archive also contains a Commodore 128 BASIC program that will format an MFM disk in the 1571.
realigning-1541.txt 1993-10-23 1777
Describes how to realign a 1541.
renumbering-1541.txt 1996-11-16 5809
Tells you how to permanently change the device number on the 1541.

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