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1541-II-PC.txt 2003-07-01 2959
Connecting a 1541-II disk drive to a PC/AT power supply.
1551-tia.gif 2001-08-27 78932
This German article describes how a broken 28-pin TIA chip in the cartridge port connector of the 1551 disk drive was replaced with a more common 40-pin version.
64hdproj.desc 1993-07-29 5653
64hdproj.sfx 1993-07-29 43261
Tells you how to connect an IBM XT hard disk (MFM) to the C64 using a PC 8-bit MFM disk controller.
drive-number-switch.txt 1998-01-04 5937
Build a device number switch for Commodore disk drives.
iecata.tgz 2002-09-07 202185
Asbjørn Djupdal's Commodore serial bus based ATA hard disk controller has been implemented on an Atmel AT90S8515 microcontroller in the C programming language. This file includes the schematic diagrams, the source code and the binary image for the microcontroller. See also http://www.stud.ntnu.no/~djupdal/cbm/iecata/.
reset-for-diskdrive.txt 1998-01-04 5054
Build a RESET switch for Commodore disk drives.
track-density-display.lnx 1999-06-16 24410
Build a track density display for Commodore 1541 or 1571. The document is in geoWrite format.
track-display.lnx 1999-06-16 90196
Build a digital track display for the Commodore 1541. The document is in geoWrite format.

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