IEEE-488 a.k.a. HP-IB a.k.a. GP-IB is a parallel bus used in the Commodore PET line of computers. For its home computers, Commodore developed a very slow serial version of the bus.


Commodore's IEEE-488 cartridge for the Commodore 64. Reverse-engineered by Wolfgang Günther <woll@Informatik.Uni-Bremen.DE>.
Commodore's VIC-1112 IEEE-488 cartridge for the VIC-20. Reverse-engineered by Wolfgang Günther <woll@Informatik.Uni-Bremen.DE>.


IEEE-488.txt 1997-10-09 13865
An article about the IEEE 488 standard and its use in Commodore's computers.
ajni2blt.txt 2005-04-24 3023
Bill of materials and description of IEEE2IEC, an IEEE-488 to IEC gateway based on the Atmel ATMega8515, to access IEEE-488 peripherals on computers equipped with the Commodore serial bus, with or without JiffyDOS.
ajni2idi.d64.gz 2005-04-24 84494
Documentation and software in Commodore 64 format, for setting up the ATMega8515 on the Commodore 64.
ajni2src.zip 2005-04-24 34561
IEEE2IEC firmware source code
lptiec-0.9.2.tar.gz@ 1998-12-17 131462
André Fachat's IEEE 488 interface for the PC's printer port. The driver is for Linux. Developed from pc-ieee.zip.
par2ser-1.tar.gz 1999-06-25 51754
Adapts Commodore serial bus devices to Commodore IEEE-488 bus (the opposite of IEEE2IEC). Designed by André Fachat.
pc-ieee.zip 1998-02-24 140575
IEEE-488 interface for PC clones (to interface old PET age drives and other stuff). Designed by Ruud Baltissen.
vc1541-ieee.tar.gz 1999-06-25 27089
This is the description of the IEEE488 interface published in the German 64'er magazin a long time ago. It is basically modelled after the 2031 schematics, the IEEE488 sister drive to the VC1541.
Code to patch the VC1541 ROM is provided. The original 2031 ROM is different in both ROM chips, but the patch manages to get the changes into one ROM chip only.

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