Memory expansions for the Commodore 64


An internal 256 kB memory expansion published in MikroBITTI, a Finnish magazine


251715.txt 2003-03-02 3138
251715.zip 2003-03-02 278388
A do-it-yourself project for replacing the 251715-01 logic array in the Commodore 64 BN/E circuit board (250469 rev.A)
rec.vhdl 2004-09-18 8645
A draft VHDL description of the Commodore RAM Expansion Controller chip used in the Commodore RAM Expansion Unit (REU). Reverse engineered and written by Rainer Buchty in September 19, 2001. Some syntax errors were corrected on September 17, 2004, but the design has not been tested.

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