c128.bin@ 1998-03-24 8192
390059-01 Commodore 128 character ROM. The first half has the standard Commodore 64 character set, and the second half has the C128 mode character set, which is slightly different. All characters except the lower case m are identical with the Commodore 16 character set. The uppercase/graphics character set is identical with the C64, including the reverse at sign (@) bug, which is missing from the lowercase/uppercase character set.
c16-hungarian.bin 2000-01-06 2048
Hungarian Commodore 16 character set made by Novotrade. The capital A and P, the lower-case i and the graphics characters $65 and $67 in the uppercase/graphics bank and $65 in the lowercase/uppercase bank have gone through cosmetic changes. The national characters are present in the lowercase/uppercase bank in positions obtained by pressing the C= key with a letter.
c16-hungarian.readme 2000-01-06 1027
Keyboard layout for using the Hungarian Commodore 16 character set. Typed in the ISO 8859-2 (Latin-2) character set; when viewed with ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1), the accents look a bit different.
c16.bin 1994-06-02 2048
Commodore 16 character set with more beautiful lowercase/uppercase character set than the C64. The lower case characters b, c, d, e, f, h, i, j, k, l and m have been improved. The font does not contain reversed characters, therefore only 2 kilobytes.
c64-german.bin 1994-10-31 4096
An amateur hacked version of the Commodore 64 character set, with some German special characters. This was found on a piggybacked EPROM in a German VIC-20 (VC-20). There are three inconsistencies in the reversed uppercase/graphics character set: The at sign bug/feature, the space char (the ROM tries to define a fancy cursor), and the line-drawing char C=e (code 113; an apparent bug). In the lowercase/uppercase character set there are inconsistencies in following characters: @, j, m, y, space, ä (code 110; the reversed ä is corrupted).
c64-hungarian.bin 1996-10-26 4096
An amateur hacked version of the Commodore 64 character set, with some Hungarian special characters. Except for the at sign (in the uppercase/graphics character set at position 0; in the lowercase/uppercase character set at position 100), the reverse character set is consistent.
c64-swedish.bin 1994-10-27 4096
Official Commodore 64 Swedish/Finnish character set with the å, ä and ö characters. In addition to the at sign bug/feature, there's a bug in the reversed upper case Ä character in both character sets.
c64-swedish2.bin 2003-03-08 4096
Alternative version of the Commodore 64 Swedish/Finnish character set. Compared to c64-swedish.bin, the Ä and Ö dots and the Å ring are wider.
c64.bin@ 1994-01-24 4096
901225-01 Commodore 64/128 character set. Every vertical line is at least 2 pixels wide in order to avoid color errors on television. Also the C=M and C=G graphic characters have been made 2 pixels wide, which is an error. The reverse at sign is not an exact reverse of the character, which can be seen either as a bug (because of the 2 pixels minimum width restriction) or as a feature.
c65-caff.bin@ 1998-03-24 8192
Commodore 65 alternative character set, taken from a C65 ROM with the checksum $CAFF. This is an exact copy of the Commodore 128 character set.
kauno.bin 2002-12-30 4096
A calligraphic font (Finnish: kaunokirjoitus, Swedish: välskrivning) for the Commodore 64. The data was saved from a tape from 1985.
keyboard-swedish.txt 1997-09-21 454
Swedish/Finnish keyboard layout of the VIC-20, Commodore 64 and Commodore 128. Composed by Pasi Ojala and Marko Mäkelä.
listfont.c 2005-05-10 454
C source code for displaying a 8*8 font.
pet-1.bin@ 1998-01-19 2048
901447-08 PET character generator ROM (BASIC 1). The character design is the same as in 901447-10, only the lower case and upper case characters have changed places. Reversed characters are absent.
pet-2.bin@ 1998-02-07 2048
901447-10 PET character generator ROM. Used in the Fat 40, 8032SK and 8296. Doesn't contain reversed characters. This ROM is just like the VIC-20 character set, except that the code $1c (in both halves) is backslash (\) instead of the British pound sign (£), which was used in the newer character sets.
pet-greek.bin 2005-01-12 2048
Greek character generator ROM. Some Latin characters have been replaced with Greek ones. This font is not very consistent: for instance, the two copies of the @ sign at code positions $00 and $80, as do the two copies of the capital Phi at $06 and $c6. This character generator was found on a 4-kilobyte chip, whose first half was identical with the 901447-10 character generator.
pet-norwegian.bin@ 2001-08-27 2048
Norwegian character generator ROM.
pet-russian.bin 2005-05-27 2048
901447-10 PET character generator ROM modified to have Cyrillic letters in the positions $42..$5a. Contributed (manually reproduced) by Dima Sobolev.
pet-swedish.bin@ 2000-02-12 2048
901447-14 PET character generator ROM with the characters [\]{|} replaced with ÅÖÅäöå.
superpet-swedish.bin@ 1998-03-12 4096
901640-01 SKAND.GEN (label on EPROM). SuperPET character generator ROM with the characters [\]{|} replaced with ÄÖÅäöå.
superpet.bin@ 1998-01-19 4096
901640-01 SuperPET character generator ROM. The first half of this ROM is identical with pet-2.bin, and the second half of this ROM contains a true ASCII character set and an APL character set.
vic20-german.bin 1994-10-28 4096
A German character set modelled after the Vic-20 character set. Used in the German Commodore 128 (top part of the 315079-01 ROM) and in the German 64DX (C65) prototype.
vic20-japanese.bin@ 2001-10-01 4096
A Japanese character set used in the VIC-1001. The British pound (£) has been replaced with a Japanese yen (¥) symbol, and the lowercase/uppercase set has been replaced with an uppercase/Kanji set of glyphs.
vic20-norwegian.bin 1998-11-29 4096
A Norwegian/Danish character set modelled after the Vic-20 character set. Used in the Norwegian/Danish Commodore 128. The characters @, !, /, <, > and the up arrow are different, and so are many graphics characters. The characters [£] have been replaced with ÆØÅ.
vic20-swedish.bin@ 1997-01-27 4096
A Swedish/Finnish character set based on the Vic-20 character set. Grabbed from a localized VIC-20. The reversed lower case ö is malformed. Chip markings: NEC JAPAN R22101-207 / D2332C 510 UD7. (Yes, it is a mask-programmable 4k*8 ROM!)
vic20.bin@ 1994-01-24 4096
901460-03 VIC-20 character generator ROM. Most lines are 1 pixel wide, since there is no possibility of color errors with the Vic's wide pixels. This character generator is also used on many PET computers.

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