BTX, or Bildschirmtext, is/was a modem-based on-line system that started in the 1980s. It was run by the state-owned telephone corporation.


btx-mk1-325221-02.bin 2000-07-07 16384
Firmware of a BTX decoder mark I, part number 325221-02, checksum $3E0F. This was copied from a 27128 EPROM labelled with the part number and "BTX C64 C128".
btx-mk2-V30113-C375-81-1.bin 2000-07-07 32768
Firmware of a BTX decoder mark II, dumped from a 27256 EPROM. The sticker on the erase window has a Siemens logo and "V30113-" at the top line, "C375-81-1" at the middle line and "( EX )" at bottom. The checksum is $D68F.

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