Commodore 8296 specific firmware


Schematic diagrams of the 8296.


324744-1.c 2003-06-09 5055
Verified logic equations of UE6, the address decoding PLA.
324745-1.c 2003-06-09 6127
Verified logic equations of UE5, the controller for the 8296 add-on.
324746-01.bin 1999-08-05 16384
BASIC/KERNAL ROM; a combination of:
901465-23 ($B***)
901465-20 ($C***)
901465-21 ($D***)
901465-22 ($F***).
Uploaded by André Fachat.
324878-01.bin 2004-12-24 8192
UE7 daughterboard, 2764 EPROM. A combination of 901465-20 and 901465-21.
324878-02.bin 2004-12-24 8192
UE7 daughterboard, 2764 EPROM. A combination of 901465-23 and 901465-22.
8296desc3.tar.gz 2005-05-01 16588
This archive contains the readouts of the three PROMs on the CBM 8296 motherboard, UC2, UE5 and UE6. It further contains the logic equations, the program to derive the logic equations and some explanations.
For more explanations, please have a look at the 8296 addendum to the 8032 manual.
Created and uploaded by André Fachat. [Note: some equations in the file 829desc.txt in 82s100.tar.gz contained errors. They were corrected by André Fachat in 2005.]
8296ue5cr.zip 2005-05-07 18160
How to replace the PLA UE5 in a CBM8296 with a GAL 20V8 written in 2005 by Nicolas Welte (http://x1541.de)
901474-04-0384.bin 1999-08-05 2048
Editor ROM from André Fachat's non-working 8296; the same as 901474-04-3681.bin from the PET directory.
Execudesk.bin 1999-07-28 4096
PaperClip.bin 1999-07-28 4096
UE8.bin 1999-08-05 2048
Editor ROM from André Fachat's working 8296. This is an EPROM marked "8296 UE8", and it contains a patched version of 901474-04.
UE8.txt 1999-08-05 2103
Some notes about UE8.bin and other firmware in André Fachat's 8296 systems.

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