The SuperPET is a 8032 PET with one or two added boards that were designed at the University of Waterloo. The computer has a built-in RS-232C interface and many built-in programming languages. In Europe, this machine was called the MicroMainFrame 9000, or MMF 9000.


Schematic diagrams of the SuperPET added boards.


README 1998-04-12 932
SuperPET part list and firmware, composed by William Levak.
characters.901640-01.bin 1998-01-19 4096
SuperPET character generator. The second half of this ROM contains a true ASCII character set and an APL character set.
characters.swedish.bin 1998-03-12 4096
SuperPET character generator, with characters [\]{|} replaced with ÄÖÅäöå. EPROM label: 901640-01 SKAND.GEN.
waterloo-a000.901898-01.bin 1998-04-01 4096
waterloo-b000.901898-02.bin 1998-04-01 4096
waterloo-c000.901898-03.bin 1998-04-01 4096
waterloo-d000.901898-04.bin 1998-04-01 4096
waterloo-e000.901897-01.bin 1998-04-01 2048
waterloo-f000.901898-05.bin 1998-04-01 4096
Waterloo firmware for the 6809. The firmware was also available on a set of three 2764 EPROMs, see the README file.

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