Here is the firmware of the 1570, 1571 and 1571CR drives. There are some differences between these drives. The 1570 is single-sided, while the others are double-sided. See the README file for details.


Schematic diagrams


1570-rom.315090-01.bin 1996-11-07 32768
The firmware of a 1570 disk drive. The board may say "1571 disk", but the 1570 and 1571 were very similar anyway, the most remarkable difference being that the 1570 has single-sided drive mechanism.
1571-rom.310654-03.bin 1995-02-12 32768
The firmware of a 128D's built-in 1571 disk drive, or of a stand-alone 1571.
1571-rom.310654-05.bin 1996-05-10 32768
An upgrade of the above. Corrects the bug of 310654-03 that moves the R/W head between each sector when writing on the disk's top side.
1571cr-rom.318047-01.bin 1995-03-02 32768
The firmware of a 128DCR's built-in 1571CR disk drive.

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