The Commodore 1526 is a dot matrix printer that attaches to the serial bus.


1526-05.bin 1998-07-05 8192
1526-07b.skand.bin 2000-02-06 8192
Firmware of the Commodore 1526 printer with Finnish character set. It contains a string "COMMODORE MODEL MPS-802 PRINTER - REV 07B". This 2564 EPROM chip was installed on a 24/28 pin ROM/EPROM pinout adapter and the label has the text:
CBM 1526 VERS. 1.0
1526-07c.bin 1998-07-05 8192
4023.bin 1999-08-09 8192
Firmware of the Commodore 4023 IEEE-488 printer. Except for the interface this printer seems to be the same as the 1526/MPS 802. The 2764 EPROM containing the firmware is labeled:
4023 /P
This EPROM is installed on a 24/28 pin ROM/EPROM adaptor.
README 2002-11-11 1045
Part list and a list of ribbons that are suitable for the 1526.

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