Cluster Wars.cvt 1998-01-13 32054
CLUSTER WARSV1.1 by F.G.Kostella.
Dear Diary.cvt 1998-02-08 3778
A joke in geoWrite format.
DrawPoker.cvt 1998-01-13 38740
DrawPoker.doc.cvt 1998-01-13 1876
Draw Poker V1.1 by Gary M. Reynolds. Win up to 4000 coins! The instructions are in geoWrite V2.1 format.
Fortune.cvt 1998-01-17 7988
Fortune V1.1 by Spike Dethman. Ancient Book of Inspirational Computer Proverbs...
GeoNim.cvt 1998-01-13 3327
GeoNim V1.0 by Ed Pflager. Take away pegs. Last one loses.
GeosGoals.lnx 1999-06-16 35193
This set of geoPublisher files is meant to be printed out and hanged on the wall, or something.
LandMark-demo.cvt 1998-01-11 6525
LandMark-demo.docs.cvt 1998-02-07 1923
Demo of the LandMark Series II diskette, available from PARSEC. I don't know if PARSEC (James D. Robbins) is still in business. It contains GEOTet (64), VDCTet (128), 4thDrive40/80, 4Kernal64/128, GeoSolitaire (64), VDCSolitaire (128), Lace II+ (128), DualTop 64/128, Checkerboard. The document is in geoWrite V1.1 format.
MahJong.lnx 1999-06-16 36146
MahJongVDC.lnx 1999-06-16 39194
MahJong for the C128 (VDC screen).
MissingWords.answers.cvt 1998-01-13 2157
MissingWords.cvt 1998-01-13 2027
A small word quiz in geoWrite V1.1 format.
Parallax.lnx 1999-06-16 22452
A Minesweeper-like game.
PokerMachine.cvt 1998-01-13 11136
geoGames V1.0 by D.J. Sherren. The docs are in geoWrite V2.1 format.
PokerMachine.doc.cvt 1998-01-13 1369
Solo Poker.cvt 1998-01-13 8171
Solo Poker.doc.cvt 1998-01-13 5952
Solo Poker V1.0 by Ken D. Turner. The docs are in geoWrite V1.1 format.
StatesNCaps.cvt 1998-02-08 4943
Learn states and capital cities with this program.
VDCTetDemo.cvt 1998-01-13 32075
VDC Tetris V1.7 by Paul B. Murdaugh.
Yahtzee.cvt 1998-01-13 4096
yahtzee by Terry R. Mullett. Two player yahtzee.
cheatsheet.lnx 1999-06-16 28082
A cheat sheet for a game in two geoPaint files.
geoComix.lnx 1999-06-16 116149
geoComic V1.0 by Sean Huxter. A Choose Your Own Path Adventure Comic. Uploaded to QLink, March, 1990. Includes one comic, "The Orb".
geoMath.cvt 1998-02-08 3584
A math teaching game.
geoTacToe-2.1.cvt 1998-01-13 5983
GEO-TAC-TOE V2.1 by Ed Pflager. Tic Tac Toe against your computer.
geoUNO.cvt 1998-01-13 11996
geoUNO by unknown.
geoWAR.cvt 1998-01-13 33709
geoWAR.doc.cvt 1998-01-13 19023
geoWAR V1.0 by Lysle E. Shields. Place the game of world domination! The docs are in geoWrite V1.1 format.

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