FindFile-1.5.cvt 1998-01-11 2692
FindFile.docs.cvt 1998-01-11 6058
FindFile V1.5 by Nate Fiedler. Searches for a filename on all drives. The document is in geoWrite V2.1 format.
Flag Setter.cvt 1998-01-17 3880
Flag Setter.doc.cvt 1998-01-17 1749
Flag Setter 1.0 by Red Storm. Reset the 'runable on' flags in the GEOS file header. The documentation is in geoWrite V1.1 format.
GetItWrite.cvt 1998-01-17 4355
GetItWrite.doc.cvt 1998-01-17 5324
Pub Aid V1.0 by Joseph Thomas. Lists and allows renaming of geoWrite files that are imported by a geoPub file. The documentation is in geoWrite V2.1 format.
HeaderEditor-1.1.cvt 1998-01-17 7443
HeaderEditor-1.1.doc.cvt 1998-01-17 15205
HeaderEditorV1.1 by Nate Fiedler. Edit GEOS file headers. The documentation is in geoWrite V1.1 format.
Lock.UnLock.cvt 1998-01-17 2041
Lockr/UNLckrV1.1 by Scott E. Resh. Use 'Lock/Unlock' to change the "Write Protect' bit on files.
geoCrypt.cvt 1998-01-17 4463
geoCrypt.doc.cvt 1998-01-17 4160
geoCrypt V1.0 by Spike Dethman. Encode and decode your Application Data files. $2.00 Shareware. The documentation is in geoWrite V2.1 format.
unLock.cvt 1998-01-17 1309
unLock v1.0 by Nancy Wertzberger. Unlocks all the files on your disk at once. Supports two drives. Will not unlock RAM.

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