dycp-ntsc.bas.prg 1995-02-01 1444
dycp.64.prg 1995-02-01 1439
Files for Pasi Ojala's DYCP article.
keyscan128.prg 1995-02-01 700
keyscan64.boot.prg 1995-02-01 99
keyscan64.prg 1995-02-01 640
keyshow.prg 1995-02-01 337
Example files for Craig Bruce's article on scanning the keyboard with the three key rollover technique.
lzw.bas.prg 1995-02-01 270
lzw.ml.prg 1995-02-01 1090
Example programs for Bill Lucier's article on LZW compression.
schematic.cvt 1995-02-01 4620
Schematic diagram of a heavy-duty power supply, in geoPaint format. Designed by John C. Andrews. This file seems to be corrupted.
xFFF.64.prg 1995-02-01 823
xfff-ntsc.64.prg 1995-02-01 830
Examples for Pasi Ojala's article about opening the screen borders.

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