These programs were distributed by Commodore Business Machines Canada as public domain in the Commodore Educational Software collection dated 1983. They run on the following computers: BASIC 2.0 PET, BASIC 4.0 PET, 8032 CBM (with an 40-column emulator program) and the Commodore 64. The programs seem to be slightly updated versions compared to the collections at http://www.funet.fi/pub/cbm/pet/edu/Canada/ uploaded by Olaf Seibert.


a or an.prg 2001-08-31 7742
Fill in the gaps in text with "a" or "an".
addition teacher.prg 2001-08-31 11188
Teach at most 2-digit integer additions.
alphabetter.40.prg 2001-08-31 10846
Measures the knowledge of the alphabet by asking random letters to be sorted.
big math.prg 2001-08-31 10162
Tests addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills.
buoyancy.prg 2001-08-31 20234
Elementary physics: mass, weight, density and buoyancy.
cascade.prg 2001-08-31 5799
A visual simulation of water fall over a terrain.
caves.prg 2001-08-31 10480
A maze game.
cbm4032v2.1 50hz.prg 2001-09-01 888
A 40-column PET emulator required for using these programs with the Commodore 8032.
changemaker.prg 2001-08-31 11100
This program simulates buying items in a North American store (sales tax is added to the total).
comp.history.40.prg 2001-08-31 10142
Questions about the history of computers and computing.
counting.prg 2001-08-31 9533
Teaches numbers (count various objects drawn on the screen)
cylinder.prg 2001-08-31 8033
This program does not work, as it appears to have been truncated. It is a modified version of the "cylinders.c2" program in the SB (science) disk.
electricity.prg 2001-08-31 18331
Electricity problems: Ohm's law, energy, power, cost of energy.
flash.prg 2001-08-31 7183
Trains reading and writing by showing a word on the screen quickly and then asking for the word to be typed on the keyboard.
french drill.prg 2001-08-31 7437
This French-language program asks the student to translate English words to French.
geography quiz.prg 2001-08-31 9886
This program drills the student on his knowledge of capital cities, states of the USA, leading agricultural products of various countries, as well as general geographical facts.
grammar 2.40.prg 2001-08-31 6928
Basic English grammar questions
hangman 2.40.prg 2001-08-31 11477
Hangman 2, with English words.
lakes game.prg 2001-08-31 11140
This hangman game will test your knowledge of the lake district of England.
macbeth.prg 2001-08-31 10000
A quiz about various aspects of the Shakespearean play Macbeth.
magic square.prg 2001-08-31 7175
A 3×3 square transformation game.
missing letter.prg 2001-08-31 9657
This program is a quiz about the letters of the alphabet and the letters' order in the alphabet. (One letter of the alphabet is hidden at a time, and the student has to guess which one.)
momentum cai.prg 2001-08-31 11918
Momentum problems (force, mass, acceleration, speed etc.)
number guess.prg 2001-08-31 6516
Guess a number between 0 and 9.
population.prg 2001-08-31 10815
Population dynamics with hares, wolves and hawks.
scramble.prg 2001-08-31 9418
This program is designed to help students with their spelling skills at a level of grade 8. The computer permutes the letters of words that the student has to guess.
symbology.prg 2001-08-31 8359
This program is a quiz on map symbols.

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