17&4.prg 1998-03-29 5806
A blackjack game. Works with both 40 and 80 columns (garbled display on 40 columns when dealing more than 5 cards).
3-d tic-tac-toe.prg 1998-03-29 5235
4x4x4 tic-tac-toe game from the VIC-20
4-gewinnt.prg 1998-03-29 1407
four in a row (a kind of tic-tac-toe with gravity)
bomber.prg 1998-03-29 4998
Bomb a city with a descending aeroplane. This game is for the 3032.
crash.prg 1998-03-29 5307
A maze game for 40-column PETs
diktator.prg 1998-03-29 6006
Simulation (SimCity predecessor?)
fluglandung.prg 1998-03-29 6643
flight simulation for 40-column PETs
hangman.prg 1998-03-29 6595
PET2001 hangman, should work in all PETs
hit the target.prg 1998-03-29 1838
Control a beam to targets by dropping mirrors
hockenheim.prg 1998-03-29 9218
car race for PET 4032
irrgarten.prg 1998-03-29 4719
A three-dimensional maze game for 40-column PETs
kurvendiskussion-fixed.prg 2001-09-01 3133
A function analysis and plotting tool for the CBM 4032. The function is defined in the line 10000. The fixed version corrects some obvious typing mistakes; other errors may remain in the program.
kurvendiskussion.prg 1998-03-29 3163
nightmare park.prg 1998-03-29 6671
A maze game for 40-column PETs with various subgames. Controls in the main maze: N, S and O.
pacman.prg 1998-03-29 3659
A Pac-Man clone for 40-column PETs by André Fachat.
robots.prg 1998-03-29 5063
Avoid enemy robots in a 40-column maze.
schlange.prg 1998-03-29 4179
Eat objects with a growing snake. This game is for 40 columns.
spukhaus.prg 1998-03-29 20793
40-column PET version of a VIC-20 adventure game
squash-4032.prg 1998-03-29 5117
Breakout clone for the 4032
squash.prg 1998-03-29 5103
Breakout clone for the 3032
steinchenspiel.prg 1998-03-29 6763
Thinking game (the one who removes the last stone from the board loses). This game is for the 3001 and 4001 series. In 80 columns, the display is a little garbled.
sternenfalle.prg 1998-03-29 770
Avoid obstacles in this 40-column game.
verfolg.prg 1998-03-29 1153
Chase computer-steered objects in a 40-column playfield.
vokabeln.prg 1998-03-29 1465
Learn foreign language words. The program writes and reads the data file "engl,seq".
zombie.prg 1998-03-29 8197
40-column action game

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