These stuffs are packed all with LHA 2.12 (under DOS), with -o switch (compatible mode). So they may be depackable on other systems, too. The format of files is the usual .d64 (...zipcode does'nt exist on Plus/4, moreover, depacking is screamly slow on Commodores...) disk-image which is handled by C64S and much PC-1541 transferring stuffs. You can especially use Trans64 to put these images back to an 1541-format disk (1551 uses the same format, too). There should be ways on other systems but I still don't work on them so...
N-JOY the progs... Old Commodores never die!!!
Beard / Coroners


1sttlc.d64.gz 1995-06-20 115347
Megatoolz-1.d64.gz 1995-07-24 109664
Megatoolz-2.d64.gz 1995-07-24 124677
Outrun.prg 1997-10-16 27179
An intro with music from the Commodore 64 game Outrun.
TLC-FLI-Collection-1.d64.gz 1998-07-11 90472
TLC-FLI-Collection-2.d64.gz 1998-07-11 69683
Users.d64.gz 1995-07-24 93218
Some user stuff. Graphics editors, copiers, fastloaders etc.
dycp.prg 1995-07-24 11747
Fullscreen condom gum scroll/dycp routine This should be loaded on Plus/4 simply to $1001. But, if BASIC hangs after loading, try to load it from MONITOR and start with G1018.

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