Disk magazines published by Wilds


Amigaworks.d64.gz 1995-06-06 162755
one sided demo by Genius
Coma Light 2.prg 1996-03-25 38560
one filer demo
Crystals.d64.gz 1997-04-15 136178
Crystals megademo by Wilds! from Corpse/CapanĀ¤a/Dinasty (DCD/WLS)
Farewell Hours.prg 1996-03-25 15600
one filer demo
Female Corpz.prg 1996-03-25 31760
one filer demo
GIFCollection-1.d64.gz 1996-03-25 154574
GIFCollection-2.d64.gz 1996-03-25 154884
two disk sides of converted GIF images
Gaaarfield.prg 1996-03-25 7680
one filer demo
Killer Among Them.prg 1996-03-25 21840
one filer demo
Virtual Reality.zip 1996-03-27 131680
one sided demo

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