Adventure Building System.d64.gz 1997-06-02 39682
AustrConv[SVS].prg 2000-03-28 2305
AustrConv[SVS].txt 2000-03-27 2517
Fixes a bug in the code generated by the AustroSpeed BASIC compiler. Written by SVS of Fire.
Hardcopy Manager.prg 1996-04-02 9440
Megatools-1.d64.gz 1997-07-17 109664
Megatools-2.d64.gz 1997-07-17 125493
OS-r32.d64.gz 1995-03-21 54800
calcplus.d64.gz 1997-04-23 46509
Rom codes for the (good) spreadsheet cartridge for the Plus4/C116/C16. Works fine in either Pal or Ntsc. It also contains the complete documentation, in standard sequential files (ScriptPlus) and example programs.
cassback.lha 1996-09-09 7353
CassBack, a tape back-up program by Martin Gierich (uj3w@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de).
jh 3.d64.gz 1996-02-01 60510
jh 4.d64.gz 1996-02-01 54560
jh 5.d64.gz 1996-02-01 79164
James Hehl's software collection. SEQ readers, ASCII to PETSCII converters, a Lynx archiver, converted animations, electronics projects, documentation.
miscroms.d64.gz 1997-04-23 87845
Financial Advisor, the C16 tutorial cartridge (that used to come packed with each machine), LOGO language, SpeedScript+4 (same as the SpeedScript64 that was originally by Compute magazine and doc file and a Plus4 keyboard overlay) and James Hehl's Super Utility cartridge with docs (Utility V4).

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