The Commodore 64 CP/M cartridge has a Z80 processor running at 1 MHz. The schematic diagram of the cartridge was reverse-engineered by Ruud Baltissen. There is also some documentation on this cartridge in early prints of the Commodore 64 Programmer's Reference Guide. In later prints, the pages that originally described the CP/M cartridge were left blank.


CP/M cartridge boot disks


README 1997-10-14 10999
Ruud Baltissen's technical overview of the CP/M cartridge and some comments.
schematics-big.gif 1997-10-12 61158
Big version of the schematic diagram, 2271x1545 pixels.
schematics-small.gif 1997-10-12 25183
Small version of the schematic diagram, 1136x773 pixels.
schematics.hdf 1997-10-12 614
schematics.sch 1997-10-12 69646
UltiCap files of the cartridge, drawn by Ruud Baltissen.
z80.gif 1999-01-26 48329
Another reverse engineered schematic diagram of the Z80 cartridge. Drawn by Jerzy Sobola, January 26, 1999. Downloaded from http://www.republika.pl/jsobola/schematy.htm.

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