1571.zip 1997-12-30 134493
Source code of the 1571 5¼" floppy disk drive. Uploaded by Dennis Jarvis.
1581.zip 1997-12-30 127492
Source code of the 1581 3½" floppy disk drive. Uploaded by Dennis Jarvis.
4040.zip 1998-07-29 72261
Source code for the CBM 4040 dual floppy disk drive's DOS. Uploaded by Dennis Jarvis.
dos1rom.tar.gz 2005-06-15 66715
Commented disassembly of CBM DOS 1, used in the CBM 2040 dual floppy drive.
harddrives.zip 1998-07-29 66582
Source code for PET-era CBM hard disks. Uploaded by Dennis Jarvis. The archive contains also two PET programs. DOSSUPPORT is an early version of the DOS WEDGE. You load and run it like a BASIC program. Editor is some kind of editor program that loads at hex 7000 and is run by SYS 7*4096. It adds the following commands: auto, break, change, delete, find, format, get, kill, load, number, put, repeat, and save. I have not figured out the complete syntax of most of the commands. Both of these programs are compatible with BASIC 2 only. This information was supplied by William Levak.
ramdos.zip 1997-12-29 33941
Source code of RAMDOS, a RAM disk program for the Commodore RAM Expansion Unit (REU). Uploaded by Dennis Jarvis.
serlib.zip 1997-12-30 224948
An assembler listing of the 318045-01 ROM, dated 03/20/87. This is the first revision of the 1581 ROM. Uploaded by Dennis Jarvis.

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