These games have been written by Craig Bruce.
All games in this directory run on the unexpanded Vic, except superventure, which requires at least 8 kilobytes of expansion memory.


CB Invaders.b.prg 1995-03-04 3546
CB Invaders.f.prg 1995-03-04 2482
CB Invaders for the unexpanded Vic only. Load and run the cb invaders.b file first. It'll try to load the second part from the tape. Break the program and change the cursor color from white if needed. Then load and run the second part. Very slow screen update, almost unplayable.
CB Slot-6.prg 1995-03-04 3274
CB Slot-8.prg 1995-03-04 2954
Two different versions of a slot game for an unexpanded Vic.
Death House.prg 1997-07-17 3332
A text adventure game. Runs on an unexpanded Vic.
House.prg 1995-03-04 1497
Displays a house with print commands.
Potholes I.prg 1995-03-04 2901
A simple vertical car-drive game. The car doesn't steer right in this version
Potholes II.prg 1995-03-04 1291
A better version of the above.
Superventure.prg 1995-03-04 8597
A text adventure. Requires at least 8 kB memory expansion.
Typing.prg 1995-03-04 1463
Typing rate measurement program.
Unex.prg 1995-02-27 186
VIC unexpander. Sets the Vic to an unexpanded memory configuration.

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