Allegro.prg 1995-02-27 3500
Plays Johann Sebastian Bach's Allegro.
Big 2.prg 1996-11-24 1264
Writes some text on a 25x30 screen. PAL (6561) only.
Big Chars.prg 1997-07-17 883
Defines 8x16 characters and 8x8 characters simultaneously and demonstrates their use.
Big One (s).prg 1996-11-24 2654
A "commercial" for Big 2.
Birds Demo.prg 1995-02-27 2907
Demonstrates user-defined characters and sound effects.
Boogie1.prg 1997-05-05 1120
Plays a terrible melody and shows a clumsy animation.
Bounce.prg 1995-02-19 300
Bounces the text window around the screen.
Bumblebee.prg 1995-02-27 2664
Plays the Bumble Bee music piece.
Cirkel.prg 1997-07-17 682
Draws a circle on the screen.
Crazybeat.prg 1997-07-17 1358
Plays a nice music piece.
Dobbelsteen.prg 1997-07-17 1049
Throws dice.
Dragon Demo.prg 1995-02-27 1133
Draws a dragon and plays very annoying sounds.
E.T. Demo.prg 1995-02-27 1345
This extremely slow program draws a picture of the E.T.
Frere Jacques.prg 1995-02-27 512
Plays the kanon song "Meister Jakob", or "Frere Jacques".
Kaleidoscope.prg 1995-02-27 872
Draws a changing colourful graphics.
Keyboard Demo.prg 1995-02-27 1356
Draws a picture of the VIC-20 keyboard.
Liner.prg 1995-02-27 1287
Draws lines on the screen.
Lintjes.prg 1997-07-17 678
Draws random horizontal lines on the screen.
Lotus.prg 1997-05-05 2360
Draws a picture of a Lotus Esprit.
Merry Vic-mas.prg 1995-02-27 1418
Draws a christmas tree and plays a christmas song.
Mork & Mindy.prg 1995-02-27 1625
Plays a song.
Multicolour Magic.prg 1996-11-24 3452
Teaches and demonstrates the use of multicolour graphics.
Penny Lane.prg 1997-07-17 3428
Plays the Penny Lane song by the Beatles.
Pno2.prg 1995-02-27 1375
Creates various sound effects when you press the keys.
Raket.prg 1997-07-17 776
Animation of a rocket that is taking off.
Robots.prg 1995-02-27 1328
Draws robots on the screen.
Screen Demo.prg 1995-02-27 1363
Features some sort of morphing in BASIC.
Silent Night.prg 1995-02-27 605
Plays the Christmas song "silent night".
Smallfont.prg 1997-05-05 1132
Defines a small (4x6) font.
Snoopy Hires.prg 1995-02-27 1663
A picture of the Snoopy comic character.
Solitair.prg 1997-07-17 2300
Plays the game of Solitaire. The texts are in Dutch.
Sound Library.prg 1995-02-27 2579
20 different sound effects written in BASIC.
Sound Shaper.prg 1995-02-27 452
A sound effect program.
Star Wars IRQ.prg 1995-02-27 744
Installs an interrupt routine that plays the Star Wars theme.
Stillenacht.prg 1997-07-17 1536
Plays the famous Christmas song with three voices. The initializations take quite long.
Vic Cirkeldemo.prg 1995-02-27 562
Draws two circles on the screen.
Vic Demo 1.prg 1995-02-27 2823
Vic Demo 2.prg 1995-02-27 2772
Vic Demo 3.prg 1995-02-27 3158
Very poor demos of the VIC-20. Some of them are by Commodore.
Vic Hires Plot.prg 1997-07-17 641
Plots points on the screen.
Vic Miauw.prg 1995-02-27 1119
Draws a cat.
Vic Mosaic.prg 1995-02-27 1088
No, this is not a web browser for your VIC. It draws some sort of mosaic on the screen.
World Map.prg 1996-11-24 1842
Draws a small world map in high resolution graphics.

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