The games in this directory require at least 16 kilobytes of extra memory. They are written in BASIC and require no joystick, unless otherwise specified.


Apshai-1.csm.gz 2003-02-28 13232
Apshai-2.csm.gz 2003-02-28 7097
Original tape images of Temple of Apshai (© 1983 Epyx / Automated Simulations), two cassette sides. The game is controlled with keyboard.
Apshai-doc.zip 2003-03-01 802313
The manual of Temple of Apshai, copied from http://www.cstone.net/~rich/Temple/temple_of_apshai.html.
Apshai.d64.gz 2003-03-01 21926
Temple of Apshai, modified from the original tape version, to use the disk drive. No bugs have been corrected. For instance, entering a level greater than 4 will trigger an error. The file "level1" includes all data from "bothteens4" and "set1", and also the other level files contain common data.
Atlantis (40t).prg 1996-11-24 14829
Find the Atlantis in this text adventure.
Baldor's Castle.sys20182.prg 1997-04-23 12290
A quite unplayable graphical adventure.
Castle Dark.prg 1996-11-24 12425
A semi-graphical text adventure.
Castlemaze.prg 1996-11-24 12291
A text adventure.
Colonel's House-doc.prg 2002-05-18 2146
Instructions for the Colonel's House.
Colonel's House.csm.gz 2002-04-10 9181
Original tape data for the Colonel's House.
Colonel's House.prg 2002-07-16 15708
The Colonel's House - a text adventure - "the first of the seven knives of eternity" by Robert Davis.
Crush Crumble and Chomp.csm.gz 2002-05-12 12885
Original tape data for Crush Crumble and Chomp.
Crush Crumble and Chomp.prg 2002-04-27 13661
Crush, Crumble & Chomp - the movie monster game by Epyx 1982. See also http://home.arcor.de/cybergoth/epyx/crushcrumblechomp.html.
Dark-dungeons.prg 1996-04-02 19031
A role-playing adventure by Anirog.
Encounter-2.prg 1996-09-20 16338
A version of Encounter by Pixel productions that is not LIST protected.
Encounter.prg 1996-12-04 16338
This Pixel game has a very long initial demo. The 'b' key has some control over the game.
Flightpath-737.prg 1996-04-05 9080
A flight simulator by Anirog. Controls: f1, f3, f5, f7: speed; a, z, f, v, r, e: other things; and the joystick. To take off, center the plane with the runway (HDG = RH), accelerate to ASI = 200, drop the flaps (v) and pull the nose up.
Football Manager.prg 1996-04-11 9800
In this game you manage a football team. Produced by Addictive Games.
Lost Dutchman's Gold.prg 1996-09-20 13781
A very big text adventure. The game state can be saved.
Miser House.prg 1996-11-24 13243
A text adventure.
Monopoly.prg 1996-11-24 15998
A german Monopoly game with one computer player and up to 7 human players. No graphics.
Morloc House.prg 1996-09-20 13273
A text adventure.
Myst. Island.prg 1996-11-24 1645
Mystery Island.prg 1997-04-13 14150
A joystick-controlled adventure. Not very playable.
Odyssee 2000.prg 1996-11-24 17180
A German multi-player space game.
Orb.prg 1996-09-20 15422
A Dutch text adventure by Impact.
Rescue at Rigel.csm.gz 2002-10-04 9757
Original tape image of Rescue at Rigel.
Rescue at Rigel.prg 2002-10-04 9946
Rescue at Rigel © 1982 Automated Simulations; © 1980 according to the printed documentation. Movement commands: 1 to 9: move forward 1 to 9 feet; shift+1 to shift+9: dodge and move forward 1 to 9 feet; r=turn right, l=turn left, v=turn around. Combat commands: B=fire blaster; F=fire powergun; P=set powergun level (1 to 9); S=force shield on/off; A=amble system on/off; M=melee (hand-to-hand combat). Special commands: H=heal wounds; T=activate transporter beam; D=determine current depth; C=count the number of captives released; ?=negotiate with alien creature.
Star Quest.prg 1996-09-20 15702
Some sort of a space game.
Star Trek.prg 1996-09-20 13789
Become Captain Kirk of USS Enterprise.
Star Trek.printer.prg 1996-11-24 14255
A Star Trek game with printer output.
Starship-escape.prg 1996-04-02 17393
In this game by Sumlock Micros you will have to escape from a star ship, which consists of several rooms.
Stoneville Manor.prg 1996-11-24 13613
A text adventure.
Submarine.prg 1996-09-20 12472
A submarine game by Himer Datenservice.
Subspace Striker.prg 1997-04-13 16074
A keyboard-controlled shoot-em-up.
Sword of Fargoal-2.prg 1998-08-06 7969
A slightly different version of Sword of Fargoal.
Sword of Fargoal.csm.gz 2002-04-16 8148
Tape image of Sword of Fargoal.
Sword of Fargoal.prg 2002-05-29 8464
Epyx presents: The Sword of Fargoal by Jeff McCord © 1983. A Nethack-like adventure game. This version has been converted from the tape image.
The Lair.prg 1996-11-24 19969
A graphical dungeon adventure with save-game option.
The Valley.prg 1996-09-20 18211
A role playing game.
Thriller.prg 1996-12-16 13104
A 2D maze game by Bernd Wiebelt. The instructions are in German.
Tomb of Drewan-2.prg 2002-04-28 8910
A slightly different version of Tomb of Drewan, with a "loading picture".
Tomb of Drewan.prg 1996-11-24 16068
A graphical adventure written in BASIC. Programmed by Trevor Pitts.
Toptrainer.prg 1997-07-24 12262
A football manager game with German texts.
Trivia Hangman-doc.prg 2002-04-28 7905
Instructions for Trivia Hangman.
Trivia Hangman-game.prg 2002-04-28 10248
The familiar "Hangman" game with a twist - you have to answer trivia questions as well as guess letters of the word. If your man gets hanged, it's pretty gruesome. Young children may require therapy.
Zor.prg 1996-09-20 14938
ZOR - der Schlacht der Roboter (partially German texts). Fight against an enemy robot - ZOR. Programmed by Pixel Productions.

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