Unless otherwise stated, all games in this directory require at least 8 kilobytes of expansion memory and are written in BASIC.


3D Labyrinth.prg 1996-09-20 8226
A threedimensional labyrinth game by Jeff Minter / Llamasoft http://www.llamasoft.co.uk/. Might contain some machine-language routines, but the game is very slow anyway.
4 op een rij.prg 1996-09-20 6534
Four in the row, or Vier gewinnt, or Vier op een rij. A variant of tic-tac-toe with gravity. The texts are in Dutch.
Adventure.prg 1996-09-09 9628
A maze game that is controlled by joystick. Boosted by a small machine-language subroutine.
Alien Demon-pic.prg 2002-05-18 477
The loading picture of Alien Demon.
Alien Demon.csm.gz 2002-04-10 5605
Tape image of Alien Demon.
Alien Demon.prg 2002-05-18 5382
"In space no one can hear you cry for help!" Published by K-tel International [UK] Ltd. The game uses two machine language subroutines.
Alien Plague.csm.gz@ 2002-04-10 3075
Tape image of Alien Plague. Works in both 3k and 8k computers.
Alien Plague.prg 2002-05-18 3240
Alien Plague resembles Space Invaders. This version is linked for at least 8 kilobytes of expansion memory.
Balloon Blitz.b.prg 1995-02-27 176
Balloon Blitz.f.prg 1995-02-27 7603
An air balloon game. Destroy enemy tanks in your sector with a hot air balloon.
Cabby.b.prg 1997-07-17 167
Cabby.f.prg 1995-02-27 5273
Some sort of maze game.
Car Crash.prg 1996-09-20 6913
A simple Pac-Man like game. Controls: (.) and (,). Includes a LIST protection; otherwise fully BASIC.
Cavern Runner 1.prg 1996-11-10 115
Cavern Runner 2.prg 1996-11-10 4226
A vertically scrolling slalom game. Supports keyboard and joystick. The texts are in Dutch.
Caves of Silver.prg 1996-11-24 7172
A text adventure.
Chess 1.0-b.prg 1995-02-27 3113
Chess 1.0-f.prg 1995-02-27 3863
A chess game.
China Clan-2.prg 1996-09-09 9534
A different version of China Clan.
China Clan.csm.gz 2002-04-11 4447
Tape image of China Clan.
China Clan.prg 2002-04-30 4225
The instructions for this board game are in German: "CHINA-CLAN können Sie gegen einen Partner sowie auch gegen den Computer spielen. Es wird abwechselnd gewürfelt und gezogen (bei einer 6 zweimal). Trifft der Chinese auf ein Hindernis" zieht er die restlichen Felder zurück. ZIEL DES SPIELES: Sie neutralisieren den Gegner indem Sie seine Figuren einkreisen. Wer drei Chinesen unschädlich gemacht hat, siegt." Programmed by Frank Bentler, Köln, © 1982 Commodore Electronics Ltd.
Citadel.prg 1996-09-20 5617
An adventure with a text interface.
Crazy Eights.prg 1997-07-17 3159
A card game. Contains some bugs. Use the cursor up and down keys to select the card to play and press RETURN. It won't let you play a card you just drew. It does incorporate the 2's and Jacks rules. It doesn't ask you what suit you want for a crazy eight.
Crazy Kong.b.prg 1996-12-22 1094
Crazy Kong.f.prg 1996-12-22 8425
A Crazy Kong clone by Udo Gertz. Not very playable.
Crazy Kong1.prg 1996-09-20 1059
Crazy Kong2.prg 1996-09-20 8425
A Donkey Kong clone. Requires joystick.
Death Serpent.prg 2002-04-28 4475
The Serpent of Death. Help King Tut-Ankh-Amon to jump from a pyramid to another.
Death Ship.prg 1996-09-20 5982
A text adventure.
Earthquake.cas.gz 2002-04-10 5802
Tape image of Earthquake.
Earthquake.prg 2002-05-18 10367
A text adventure by Aardvark. Rescue people after an earthquake has occurred.
Ench Journey.prg 2002-04-28 5634
A graphical adventure game.
Escape from Mount Drash.d64.gz 2002-08-28 6759
Ultima: Escape from Mount Drash, whose loader was converted from tape to disk in 2002. This is not the original file, but it is more original than the single-file version below.
Escape from Mount Drash.prg 2002-10-07 5927
Ultima: Escape from Mount Drash by Keith Zabalaoui. Copyright 1983 Sierra On-Line, Inc. Ultima (tm) Lord British. The game uses some machine language subroutines.
Fantasia Land.prg 1996-09-20 9151
A text adventure.
Football Manager.cas.gz 2002-04-10 6431
Tape image of Football Manager.
Football Manager.prg 2002-05-18 9800
Manage a British football team by buying, selling and choosing players. There are 32 teams and 4 leagues.
Frank.prg 1996-09-20 4596
Rescue all parachute jumpers into your boat. Controls: L and ;. The texts are in German.
Galaxy.1.prg 1996-09-20 4618
A space game of some sort. The texts are in Dutch. Controls in
the actual game: space, period (.) and comma (,).
Gator Beach.prg 1996-09-20 7322
Eliminate crocodiles (green and red things) by putting sticks in their mouths. This game is boosted by several machine language routines. Requires joystick.
Golf.prg 1996-11-24 6437
A Dutch golf training game.
Hangman.prg 2002-04-28 4850
Hangman game featuring some machine language subroutines.
K&K.prg 1996-09-20 8575
A two-player strategic game. The texts are in Dutch.
Ladders1.prg 1996-09-20 255
Ladders2.prg 1996-09-20 4147
A Fast Eddie clone. Uses a machine language subroutine. First load and run the first part, then the second part.
Laivanupotus.prg 1980-01-01 7694
The boat-sinking game in Finnish.
Laser Barrage.prg 2002-04-28 4266
The object of this game is to defend 10 fuel pods from 16 robots.
Marple Manor.prg 1995-04-19 3845
A text adventure game.
Maze.prg 1995-02-27 2906
A 3-dimensional maze game. Choose your heading with N, S, E or W and use the space bar to go forward.
Night Forest.prg 1996-09-20 6203
A sort of maze game without graphics.
Olympiad.prg 2002-04-28 3778
I couldn't figure out what this game is about.
Oper. Ganymed.prg 1996-09-09 8862
Rescue the people of the planet Ganymed. The instructions are in German. This is yet another vertically scrolling slalom game.
Pests.prg 2002-04-28 3078
Some sort of an item collecting game.
Pyramid.prg 1996-09-20 6280
A text adventure.
Quest.prg 1996-09-20 9080
An adventure in Dutch.
Rat Man.csm.gz 2003-07-07 5462
Original tape image of Rat Man. Use a hammer to squash rats. Joystick or keyboard control. Copyright © 1982 Jeff Minter / Llamasoft http://www.llamasoft.co.uk/. The game is mostly BASIC (relocated to $2401), with some machine language subroutines.
Rat Man.jpg 2002-11-21 14292
Image of the tape inlay of Rat Man.
Rat Man.prg 2003-07-07 5507
Single-file version of Rat Man.
Rox III.prg 2003-07-03 6769
An asteroid game by Jeff Minter / Llamasoft http://www.llamasoft.co.uk/. This game is pure BASIC, with the BASIC text relocated to $2401.
Samsara.prg 1996-09-20 6608
A logical game against the computer. The instructions are in Dutch.
Simpelpac.prg 1996-09-20 5820
A kind of a Pac-Man clone. The instructions are in Dutch. The game asks you to define the keys.
Skymath.prg 2002-04-28 2363
Addition and subtraction training.
Space Math.prg 2002-04-28 4212
This program teaches you mathematics and wrong spelling of English words.
Star Trek.prg 1996-09-20 7062
A Star Trek simulation game. The texts are in Dutch.
Super Frog.prg 1996-11-24 11329
A very poor Frogger clone with German texts.
Tankslag.prg 1996-09-20 3443
Shoot stars on the screen with your tank. Requires joystick.
Tik Tak Tor.prg 1996-09-20 8398
The classic 3x3 tic tac toe game in Dutch. For 1 or 2 players.
Treasure Hunt.prg 2002-04-28 3509
A 2D item collecting game.
Twonkie.prg 1996-09-20 5481
A monster killing game. Uses a text interface.
Ultimate Tank.prg 1996-09-20 9217
A tank duel. Includes some machine-language subroutines. Requires joystick.
Wallet Walker.cas.gz 2002-04-10 4271
Tape image of Wallet Walker.
Wallet Walker.prg 2002-03-10 6590
© 1982 Commodore Electronics Ltd. In this joystick-controlled game, the objective is to fetch the green wallet from the right side of the screen, avoiding deadly rain. The game is fast, thanks to some machine-language subroutines. The game only works in PAL systems.
Word Find.ex.prg 1995-02-27 4755
A word puzzle of 10 words. Requires at least an 8 kB memory expansion.
Word Hunt.prg 1996-09-20 5414
Hunt words from a 10x10 matrix. The instructions are in English, but the default words are in Dutch.
Worm of Bemer.prg 2002-04-28 3747
Eat mushrooms with a growing worm and avoid collisions to the walls and to yourself.
Wumpus.prg 1996-09-20 7011
Some sort of a geometrical game. The instructions are very long, and they are in Dutch.
Zig Zago.prg 1996-09-20 6301
A puzzle game against the Vic. The texts are in Dutch.
Zorgon's Kingdom.lnx 2002-04-28 38465
A five-part multi-load climb & run adventure.

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