The machine language games in this directory require at least 16 kilobytes of extra memory, unless otherwise specified.


Scott Adams/
Scott Adams' adventure games. These require RAM at blocks 2 and 3, so you will need a configurable 16k expansion, or a 24k RAM expansion.


Bongo.prg 1996-04-02 19969
A jump&climb&run adventure game by Kingsoft. Requires joystick.
Death Zone.prg 2001-09-16 19969
A multi-level game written by Andreas Dietmair (andi.diaet@t-online.de) in March 1991. Requires joystick. Collect all hearts and avoid colliding with red objects.
Fire Galaxy.prg 1996-04-01 19969
A Scramble clone by Kingsoft. Requires joystick.
Fourth Encounter.prg 1996-04-04 8219
A shoot-em-up by Thorn EMI. Requires joystick. Should also work with an 8-kilobyte expansion.
Galactic Abductors.prg 1996-04-01 19969
A shoot-em-up by Anirog. Requires joystick.
Gunslinger.prg 2002-10-23 8968
A Western game by Omega Software. The game itself says "High Noon (C) by Anirog", and the file says "(c) 1984 by anirog" and "Andreas & Gerhard N.bel" where . is some non-ASCII character (code 213).
Gunslinger.tap.gz 2002-10-23 7278
Original low-level tape image of Gunslinger. The game uses the same fastloader as Tom; only the file name of the loader is "GUNSLINGER" instead of "T".
Krazy Kong.prg 1996-04-01 19313
Donkey Kong clone by Anirog. Requires joystick.
Metallicus.lnx.gz 2001-09-16 6564
A game that resembles Boulder Dash. Programmed by Andreas Dietmair (andi.diaet@t-online.de) in 1989-1990. Requires RAM also at BLK5, and a joystick.
Outworld.prg 1996-04-04 8235
Defend a city from space aliens in this Tensor Technology game. Requires joystick. Should also work with an 8-kilobyte expansion.
Perilous Cavern.lnx.gz 2001-09-16 24706
Perilous Cavern.txt 2001-09-16 595
A multi-screen platform game and a level editor. Programmed by Andreas Dietmair (andi.diaet@t-online.de) in 1990. The intro requires 24 kilobytes of expansion memory.
Perils of Willy.prg 1998-03-15 9662
Manic Miner clone by Software Projects. Requires joystick. Crunched with PuCrunch; this won't work with an 8k expansion.
Platform Game.prg 2001-09-16 14691
"Stehle den Bauarbeitern ihr Werkzeug & entwische durch das 'schwarze Loch'... Nimm Dich in Acht vor dem Dich verfolgenden Bauarbeiter." Resembles Donkey Kong. Programmed by Andreas Dietmair (andi.diaet@t-online.de) in 1988. The game requires a 32k RAM expansion.
Seawolfe.prg 1996-04-06 19201
This Mogul game is like Centipede, but with submarines. Requires joystick.
Skramble.prg 1997-03-10 16646
In this Anirog game you shoot and bomb enemy targets with your plane. Requires joystick.
Star Defence.prg 1996-04-29 16400
A Defender clone by Kingsoft. Defend the humans against the attack of landers, mutants, ufos or space-hums. To start the game, press f1 or the fire button.
Submarine Commander.csm.gz 2002-04-10 9862
Tape image of Submarine Commander.
Submarine Commander.prg 2002-05-29 10165
A submarine simulator by Thorn EMI. Requires joystick. The Morse code in the start-up screen tries to say: "Programmed by Gary York EJIIM".
Tom-loader.txt 2002-10-18 2766
Disassembly of the Kingsoft fastloader.
Tom.cas.gz 2002-10-18 223
The Kingsoft fastloader used in Tom.
Tom.prg 2001-03-05 19968
A climb-and-run game by Uwe Gertz, published by Kingsoft. This file is stored on the tape in fastloader format; the file has not been modified. According to Wolfgang Schließ who contacted Kingsoft regarding the copyright, Kingsoft does not have any more interest in Vic-20 software. The game requires joystick.
Tom.tap.gz 2002-10-16 13971
Reconstructed tape image of Tom, including the data from Tom.cas.gz and Tom.prg. The cassette was physically broken when Sören Gust attempted to archive the C64 version of the same game from the back side of the cassette.
Tronatic.lnx.gz 2001-09-16 9270
A Tron-like game by Andreas Dietmair (andi.diaet@t-online.de) in August 1990. Requires joystick.
Underworld.lnx.gz 2001-09-16 6368
A maze game by Andreas Dietmair (andi.diaet@t-online.de) in September 1990. Requires joystick.
Vic Chess.prg 1996-04-11 10037
A chess game by Bug Byte. Should also work with an 8-kilobyte expansion.
Xeno II-2.prg 1996-04-02 19969
A slightly different version of Xeno II (appears to be slightly modified from the tape game).
Xeno II.csm.gz 2002-04-10 9834
Tape image of Xeno II
Xeno II.prg 2002-06-01 8753
Xeno II by Jeff © 1982 Anirog Computers. In the first screen, you have to land a space probe like in Jupiter Lander, avoiding horizontal meteor rain. In the second level, the objective is to eliminate three screenfuls of hostile spacecraft by shooting them. The third screen is a slow-paced Space Invaders clone. The game requires joystick.

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