Unless otherwise stated, all machine language games in this directory require at least 8 kilobytes of expansion memory.


3-deep Space.prg 1996-04-06 4865
A shoot-em-up by Postern. Control your ship with a joystick. This game requires 3D glasses (red/blue). Then you will see the game in stereoscopic view. The spaceship seems to float in front of the screen. Without the glasses you just see two different (red and green) images. This information was provided by Joachim Tesch.
Andes Attack.prg 1996-04-02 11776
A Defender clone (shoot-em-up) by Jeff Minter / LLamasoft http://www.llamasoft.co.uk.
Arrow of Death.prg 1996-05-23 11295
A text adventure by Brian Howarth / Leisure Software.
Bonzo.prg 1996-04-01 8513
Climb ladders, collect treasures and avoid monsters. Produced by Kavan.
Bonzo1.prg 1996-09-20 6462
Collect treasure and avoid two enemy men. The instructions are in Dutch, but the game is very simple.
Bonzo2.prg 1996-09-20 7855
Second version of Bonzo.
Boss Chess 1.1.prg 1996-09-09 11777
A chess game. The moves must be input from the keyboard. There is only one skill level.
Chariot Race.prg 1996-04-01 4747
A two-player car-driving game by Microantics.
Computer War.prg 1996-04-04 11777
Prevent the World War 3, like in the War Games movie. Requires joystick. Produced by Thorn EMI.
Cosmic Firebirds.prg 1996-04-06 11777
A shoot-em-up by Solar Software. Requires joystick.
Country Garden.prg 1996-04-01 8235
A shoot-em-up by Audiogenic. Keep your garden tidy. Requires joystick.
Crazy Thief.prg 1996-09-09 10241
A jump&run game. The instructions are in German, but the game is simple.
Critters.prg 1996-04-06 11777
Defend your berries from birds in this Rabbit game. Requires joystick.
Cyclons.b.prg 1995-02-27 104
Cyclons.f.prg 1995-02-27 4810
A horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up game. Requires joystick. Hires graphics.
Deathrace.prg 1996-04-08 9729
A 3-dimensional car-driving game by Atlantis. Requires joystick.
Defenda.prg 1996-09-09 11766
A Defender clone by Jeff Minter / Llamasoft http://www.llamasoft.co.uk.
Donkey Kong.prg 1997-08-12 11771
A German clone of the classic game. A part of the game is written in BASIC, and the graphics is cell-orientated.
Flowers of Evil.prg 2001-09-16 10005
A multi-level action game written by Andreas Dietmair (andi.diaet@t-online.de) in 1990. Requires a joystick. Collect all flowers and avoid enemies. The fire button appears to be used only for starting the game.
Grandmaster.prg 1996-04-01 10454
Grand Master chess by Kingsoft.
Hellgate.prg 1996-04-02 10065
A shoot-em-up by Jeff Minter / LLamasoft http://www.llamasoft.co.uk. Requires joystick.
Jetpac.prg 1996-04-01 8234
In this game by Ultimate you must escape from an enemy planet. Build a shuttle and collect fuel for it. Then take off.
Kaktus.prg 1996-04-01 11777
A shoot-em-up by Audiogenic. Requires joystick.
Kosmic Kamikaze.prg 1996-04-06 7633
A non-scrolling shooting game by UMI.
Lazerzone.prg 1996-04-01 8466
A shoot-em-up by Jeff Minter / LLamasoft http://www.llamasoft.co.uk. Requires joystick. A bit like Hellgate.
Matrix.prg 1996-04-05 11777
A shoot-em-up by Jeff Minter / LLamasoft http://www.llamasoft.co.uk. Requires joystick.
Meteor Run.prg 1996-09-20 7682
A horizontal shoot-em-up by UMI. Also available as a ROM cartridge. Requires joystick.
Mobile Attack.prg 1996-11-24 11777
A shoot-em-up maze game. Does not seem to initialize all variables properly.
Mondgesicht.lnx.gz 2001-09-16 5828
Mondgesicht (Moonface) by Andreas Dietmair (andi.diaet@t-online.de) in 1989-1990. Requires RAM also at BLK5, and a joystick.
Moon Patrol.prg 1996-09-20 8961
A horizontally scrolling shooting and jumping game. The scrolling is somewhat coarse and flaky. Requires joystick.
Moons of Jupiter.prg 1996-04-01 8032
An Asteroids clone by Romik. Very smooth gpaphics.
Mower Mania.csm.gz 2002-04-10 7483
Tape image of Mower Mania.
Mower Mania.prg 2002-05-27 7601
In this Acme production you must mow the lawn, like in Hovver Bovver.
Myriad.prg 1996-04-01 8363
A shoot-em-up by Rabbit. Requires joystick.
Othello II.prg 1995-02-27 6913
The familiar "Othello" board game, by yours truly [Craig Bruce]. Can use joystick or keyboard. Zero to two players. It's not extremely smart, but it can defeat me. "PAK" means "Press Any Key". Press "Q" on the title screen to quit.
Pool.prg 1996-04-05 10743
A quite realistic pool game by Commodore.
Potholes VIII.prg 1995-04-19 6452
A vertically scrolling 2D car-driving game.
Psycho Shopper-pic.prg 2002-04-12 2561
The loading screen of Psycho Shopper. Originally, the image was built up gradually as the actual game was loaded.
Psycho Shopper.csm.gz 2002-04-12 7409
Tape image of Psycho Shopper.
Psycho Shopper.prg 2002-04-12 7205
"Mastertronic presents Shopper © 1984. Press space or fire to start. Use joystick or keys A/S/P/L. Change level via F5. Halt and restart game with F1 and F3. Beware of the roaming grannies. Good luck!" A Frogger-like game. Requires joystick.
Q-warrior.prg 1996-04-02 4145
A 2D shoot-em-up by Bug Byte. Requires joystick.
River Rescue.prg 1996-04-04 8235
A horizontal shoot-em-up by Thorn EMI. Requires joystick.
Sidewinder.prg 1996-09-09 9809
A horizontal shoot-em-up by Tronix. Looks like Fort Apocalypse.
Skyhawk.prg 1996-09-09 7777
This game resembles Fort Apocalypse very closely. A very nice shooting game.
Sub Chase.prg 1996-09-20 8227
Bomb submarines and avoid their torpedos. Produced by UMI Inc. Also available as a ROM cartridge.
Sword of Hrakel-pic.prg 2002-05-29 684
The loading screen of Sword of Hrakel.
Sword of Hrakel.csm.gz 2002-04-10 5577
Tape image of Sword of Hrakel.
Sword of Hrakel.prg 2002-05-29 4776
A textual adventure by Dave Angier and Andrew Baillie, published in May 1983 by Romik Software.
Tank Commander.prg 1996-04-04 8235
In this Thorn EMI game you control a tank and shoot other tanks. Requires joystick.
The Golden Baton.prg 1996-05-23 11186
A text adventure by Brian Howarth / Leisure Software.
The Pit.prg 1996-04-01 10514
Collect jewels. A bit like Dig-Dug or Boulder Dash. Produced by Interceptor Micros. Requires joystick.
The Time Machine.prg 1996-05-23 10889
A text adventure by Brian Howarth / Leisure Software.
Time Destroyers.prg 1996-04-01 11393
A horizontal shoot-em-up by Romik. Requires joystick.
Tower of Evil.prg 1996-04-04 8235
A shoot-em-up in a maze by Thorn EMI. Requires joystick.
Traxx-2.prg 2000-12-03 11777
A different copy of Traxx, possibly made of a memory dump after resetting the computer.
Traxx.prg 1996-09-09 8448
Colourize squares and avoid enemies in this Jeff Minter / Llamasoft http://www.llamasoft.co.uk game.
Tron.prg 1996-09-20 6493
Build a wall and avoid hitting the enemy wall. This is like the game in the movie Tron.
Vicherman.prg 1995-12-26 4354
Pacman for VIC by Herman Hirsch.

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