Here are some multi-part VIC-20 games. All of them consist of a loader and the actual program, which begins with "zz". All programs require at least 8 kilobytes of memory expansion. The loaders require disk device #8, unless otherwise specified.


Alien Demon.prg 1996-05-03 9953
A maze game by K-tel.
Hektik-1.prg 2002-03-10 4097
Instructions for the game.
Hektik-2.prg 2002-03-10 11559
The game, written in machine language.
Hektik.csm.gz 2002-04-10 9391
Tape image of Hektik.
Hektik.prg 2002-03-10 477
A Lode Runner like tape game distributed by Mastertronic. The comment in this part says "VIC Panic by Kelvin Hepburn, © Hepburn Soft." This part installs a machine language routine that is called by the instructions part of the game.
Lunar Rescue.prg 1996-04-30 178
In this game you must rescue people from lunar surface with a lunar module.
Trader.prg 1996-05-03 18812
Trader2.prg 1996-05-03 16444
Trader3.prg 1996-05-03 15713
A space trader in three parts. Written in BASIC = very slow.
Zorgons Kingdom.prg 1996-04-30 419
A multi-screen level adventure by Romik software
zz1.prg 1996-04-30 4294
zz2.prg 1996-04-30 5719
zz3.prg 1996-04-30 6339
zz4.prg 1996-04-30 7951
zz5.prg 1996-04-30 5442
zz6.prg 1996-04-30 6982
Parts of Zorgons Kingdom
zzald1.prg 1996-05-03 3586
A machine-language extension for Alien Demon.
zzlr1.prg 1996-04-30 7573
zzlr2.prg 1996-04-30 128
zzlr3.prg 1996-04-30 9000
Code loaded by Lunar Rescue.

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